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    MI - Rose Marie Woolwine, 26, shot to death, Detroit, 18 June 1989

    I couldn't find a thread for Rose Marie (Rosie) Woolwine. Yesterday, after 20 long years, her killer was sentenced to 40-90 years on a second degree murder charge, and two years on a felony firearms charge.


    It's a day, officials said, that likely wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the victim's daughter, Theresa Ramirez, who spent years seeking justice for her mother, known to many as Rosie.


    RIP Rosie
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    What a heroic daughter, bless her for her persistence, I hope she finds peace now....from the link above:

    "Theresa is extremely dedicated," he said. "When she has a goal, she's going to go to the end to make sure it gets accomplished."

    'It's very gratifying'

    The feeling, Ramirez said, she had when she learned of Cruz's arrest was beyond words.

    "It's not something I've ever felt before," she said. "It was more than relief, more than happiness. It was shock. It was comfort and satisfaction."

    She called her sister, Sarah Chavarria, 32, and brother Joseph Sajewski II, 26, and told them to meet her right away at the cemetery where their mother is buried. It was a place she hadn't been in about four years.

    "We just sat there and kind of cried together, held each other and took it in," she said.

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    What an amazing story!! What a wonderful daughter, who would take on the challenge to fight for the justice her mother and her family deserved! God bless her for her steadfastness!!

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