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    Rules, rules, rules

    Landlord's 31 strict house rules to potential tenant goes viral - pics

    Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/odd/news...#ixzz2HbedmymR
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    What a list! I wonder if he actually has any tenants....

    "Rules range from "no pork EVER IN THE HOUSE or fridge" to "no more than 2 visits a month and visitors must be in your room and CANNOT stay the night unless discussed with me beforehand".

    Plus: No visitors can stay over (Unless discussed with me 2 weeks in advance and I will decide)......"

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    Sounds like a nutcase. With a mean streak. Run away. Run far, far, away!!
    Just My Opinion, of course!

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    Why, with all those rules, does he want his tenants to have alcohol in their rooms so badly?

    "Alcohol must be kept in room"
    Is it for him?

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    I'm wondering why he's so obsessed with the idea of somebody stealing food and using his stuff. It seems like they're mentioned a few times in there.
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    Well, I guess people have the option of saying no, thanks...doesn't seem to me he would have many tenants..

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