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    Ex-Madam Uses Her Sex Skills to Run 'Brothel' for Disabled

    Today, she is a sexual activist -- still a madam, of sorts -- who uses her experience running a brothel to help the disabled satisfy their sexual desires.

    Adams has never had any moral qualms about her work, which has now become a calling.

    "You cannot stop a disabled person from having a normal life of having the same opportunities of an able-bodied person -- it's discrimination," Adams, 44, told ABCNews.com. "So I am a facilitator working on behalf of the person to find a sex worker -- and it's completely legal. To refuse to do it is a breach of human rights. I act as their voice and limbs."
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    I guess she must have seen this documentary or attended lectures given by Rachel.


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    Here goes her FB page. She looks fabulous. However, I do not want to know about the monkey, O.K.? Maybe he's a business partner? A client? Maybe it's a female monkey?


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    I think it's great, so long as there is no exploitation and the workers are treated and paid well. It sounds like she is well familiar with the business, and has a big heart for both her customers and workers. I say good job, Madam!
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