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    Reasons why USA will not build the Death Star


    The White House has rejected a petition to build the Death Star.

    He [Paul Shawcross] also notes that although NASA is not yet able to "do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs," the future is wide open. "Help build it by pursuing a career in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field," he suggests, saying that if you do pursue those areas of study, the Force will be with you.
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    lol, that ain't no lie. We could never build a deathstar even if we wanted to. Government idiots have no idea how to even set a budget, let alone live within it.

    remember the $600 toilet seats . . .

    That's why politicians prefer instead to talk about $16 muffins and $600 toilet seats -- it's the least expensive way to simulate fiscal responsibility. The boy who cries muffin while signing onto every new major entitlement and military adventure is not in any position to deliver lectures about tax-dollar stewardship. And never forget that the spending frenzy is distinctly bipartisan
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    Our government also built the best airplanes and submarines and carriers of WWII, developed the atomic bomb and sent men to the moon. It invented the internet.

    The government is quite capable of accomplishing almost anything if we give up the lazy and cynical attitude that all government is bad.

    (That being said, we do not need a "Death Star.")

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