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    Man Arrested Over Haircut Coupon


    Donald Ardale is a bit of a bargain shopper.

    But when the Richmond Heights man went to get a haircut this November, his quest for a discount landed him behind bars.

    “This…it has made my life hell,” he said.

    According to Lyndhurst police, Ardale, 65, went to Best Cuts in Lyndhurst with a $7.99 coupon for a haircut. The police report states that store employees claimed the coupon was expired.

    “I’ve been using coupons all my life,” Ardale said of the incident on Nov. 5. “I always look for the expiration date. There is no expiration date on the coupon that they would not take.”

    When Ardale asked if the store would honor a competitor’s coupon, that`s when things got out of hand.

    “I had been there a half hour trying to pay, trying to pay what I owe,” he said.

    The police report states that Ardale offered a coupon from Sport Clips. The paper had four coupons on it. Employees were willing to give Ardale $3 off his $14.50 haircut. They stipulated, however, that they would only give him the discount if they received the whole coupon, which included about $20 in discounts. The store needed the coupon for its records.

    A retired real estate agent, Ardale refused to give up the whole coupon. He said even before living on Social Security, he’s always tried to pinch pennies. He was willing to pay the $11.50 due after using the coupon’s $3 discount.

    Lyndhurst police were eventually called, and they arrested Ardale for theft.

    The police report states that officers gave Ardale three choices: pay full price, get $3 off while giving up the coupon or go to jail. Mr. Ardale picked jail.

    Now, Ardale faces first-degree misdemeanor charges for a fight over the haircut. He`s pleading not-guilty and hopes to make his case to a judge. He is due back in court for a pre-trial hearing on Feb. 25.

    Fox 8 has reached out to Best Cuts and is waiting for their response.

    “I did nothing wrong. Didn’t steal anything,” Ardale said. “The worst thing…one thing under a felony, for a $6 coupon that they charged me with. That is to me and everyone I’ve spoken to, totally insane.”
    Why the hell would anyone go to jail over a silly coupon?

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    Some people need to get a grip and find a hobby.
    Justice for Holly Bobo🎀

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    I'm sure the cops didn't just railroad an old man, but the article seems to say that he did first try to use the salon's own coupon. Was it really expired? Dooes the salon ever honor a competitor's coupon? Did the group of 4 coupons really have to be given as a whole? I've never seen a group of coupons having to be given up as a whole when using just one. The article didn't give all the facts, the cops put a stop to a situation, and he can take it up in court.

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    This happened in the Cleveland area. The guy apparently didn't want to give up the whole page of coupons because he wanted to use the rest of them later. But the store wanted the whole page. There was a sign at the counter that said they would honor competitors coupons (they showed it on the news). Not sure about the expiration date for the original coupon -- whether it had one or not.

    I'm torn between feeling sorry for him, that he's on such a fixed income that it had to come to this, and wondering if he just has too much time on his hands and thought he needed to cross "get arrested over a coupon" off his bucket list.

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    Good grief. Choosing to take the matter into criminal courts is rarely a wise decision; especially if as the article says, the defendant's motivation for this incident was financial. Yuck for sure.

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    I'm a retiree and have empathy for this guy although I wouldn't have elected jail over it.

    Seniors often get treated like unwanted misfits by many hair stylists. Often I wind up in a chair getting a terrible cut from some 19 year old with metal on her face and talking loudly over me to her coworkers about stuff I'm not included in.
    I had been going to a nearby Great Clips until a few months ago, I was turned away because I was told I had to go online and make an appointment. They could have just taken me that one time, they were not busy but they sent me home. I never went back again.
    'Never stop fighting..never give up'

    Kevin Kostner as Eliott Ness in 'The Untouchables'

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