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    Three-legged Oscar's dog roll heist wins hearts of New Zealanders

    Everyone Wants to Adopt This Adorable Three-Legged Dog Who Was Caught on Camera Stealing Pet Food from a Supermarket (Gawker)
    A three-legged dog who was spotted by a supermarket's surveillance camera helping himself to a treat from the pet food aisle has become an overnight sensation in his home country of New Zealand.

    Footage of Oscar's derring-do was featured on national TV, eliciting a flood of calls from animal lovers looking to adopt the German shorthaired pointer.
    "About 12 minutes past eight we caught him on the camera," said store owner Esmay Hay. "All of a sudden he appears standing looking into the dog chiller, helps himself to a dog roll, drops it on the floor then picks it up and carts it out."

    And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for his insatiable appetite for dog roll, which sent him back into the store at least twice that same day.
    more, with links, at the link above
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    My Border Collie has four legs. This did not stop her "going shopping for dog treats" at the Hardware Store one early Saturday morning. She had a stern telling off.....
    England's dancing days are done...

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