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    CA - Sarah Tokier, 16, Montebello, 1976

    Sarah Rachel Tokier, (16) Montebello, San Bernardino County, CA


    NCMEC number 1154470
    Date last seen January 01, 1976 14:49
    Age last seen 15 to 15 years old
    Age now 52 years old
    Race White
    Sex Female
    Height (inches) 64.0
    Weight (pounds) 110.0

    "Per law enforcement - Sarah was only 16 or 17 years old when she went missing sometime in 1977. Very little is known about her disappearance. Her parents are both deceased and her siblings are searching for answers. She was described as a White female, 5'4", 110 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.

    Dental records are not available. DNA (CODIS) available (Multiple DNA profiles may be on file). CODIS reference number is available to registered NamUs Law Enforcement agencies in the DNA section."
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    Shotgun Jane Doe was submitted to NamUs as a possible match, approximately two weeks ago. There are 204 exclusions/rule outs and Sarah Tokier is not listed as a rule out.


    Status Unidentified
    Case number UT87-8F
    Date found June 01, 1987 02:15
    Date created April 11, 2008 00:00
    Date last modified December 20, 2012 12:13
    Date QA reviewed
    Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
    Agency Forensic Anthropology Center, Univ of TN
    Phone 865.974.4408
    Agency Knox Cnty Med Examiners Ofc
    Phone 865-305-9560
    Case Manager
    Name Lee Jantz
    Phone 865.974.4408

    Exclusions (204)
    The following people have been ruled out as being this decedent:
    First Name Last Name Year of Birth State LKA
    ROBYN ADLER 1960 Florida
    Ellen Akers 1966 Florida
    Tammy Akers 1962 Virginia
    Elaine Allenbach 1965 Washington
    Angela Ambrocio 1967 Florida
    Cynthia Anderson 1961 Ohio
    Maria Anjiras 1961 Connecticut
    Nancy Baird 1952 Utah
    Rose Baker 1940 Texas
    SHARI BALL 1963 Florida
    Lynn Bandringa 1945 California
    Donna Barnhill 1967 North Carolina
    Susan Bender 1970 California
    Amy Billig 1957 Florida
    Priscilla Blevins 1948 North Carolina
    Lisa Borden 1960 Texas
    Nancy Brannon 1952 Missouri
    Janet Brice 1961 Louisiana
    Niki Britten 1953 Oregon
    Peggy Byars-Baisden 1941 Florida
    Rosemary Calandriello 1952 New Jersey
    Aida Calfee 1955 Georgia
    Joy Cannon 1956 Tennessee
    Benita Chamberlin 1953 Oregon
    Darlene Conklin 1959 New York
    Carla Corley 1965 Alabama
    Jan Cotta 1954 New Jersey
    Barbara Cotton 1965 North Dakota
    Valarie Cuccia 1953 New York
    Beverli Darnell 1961 Florida
    Evelyn Davis 1962 Ohio
    Linda Davis 1946 Oklahoma
    Freda Denman 1947 Missouri
    Peggy Dianovsky 1954 Illinois
    Carol Donn 1963 Florida
    Kimberly Doss 1962 Florida
    Kathleen Durst 1952 New York
    Diane Dye 1965 California
    Christine Eastin 1952 California
    Carol Edwards 1955 Washington
    Elizabeth Eisel 1962 Washington
    Ann Ellinwood 1965 Oregon
    Megan Emerick 1956 Alaska
    Loy Evitts 1947 Kansas
    Sherry Eyerly 1963 Oregon
    Tammy L. Fields 1965
    Theresa Fischbach 1969 Texas
    Laura Flink 1947 Washington
    Dixie Forrester 1939 Missouri
    Margaret Fox 1960 New Jersey
    AMANDA FRAVEL 1966 Nevada
    Rose Gayhart 1962 New York
    Theresa Geaves 1959 Utah
    Trenny Gibson 1960 Tennessee
    Sharon Giusti 1943 Washington
    Paula Godfrey 1965 Kansas
    Martha Green 1970 Tennessee
    Shannon Green 1969 Kentucky
    Cherry Greenman 1956 Washington
    Kathryn Gregory 1957 Washington
    Linda Grimm 1961 California
    APRIL GRISANTI 1964 Connecticut
    Jamie Grissim 1955 Washington
    Corinne Groenenberg 1957 California
    Julie Grubaugh 1961 Arizona
    Billie Jean Hall 1960 Maryland
    Joan Hall 1966 Oregon
    Teresa Hammon 1963 California
    Darla Harper 1960 Arkansas
    Diana Harris 1953 Florida
    Evelyn Hartley 1937 Wisconsin
    Terrie Hefner 1964 Texas
    Lorraine Herbster 1962 New Jersey
    Frankie Horsley 1964 North Carolina
    Michelle Houchman 1967 California
    Tinze Huels 1967 Florida
    Wendy Huggy 1965 Florida
    Barbara Hunt 1964 Virginia
    Rochelle Ihm 1966 Arizona
    Rita Jolly 1955 Oregon
    Gail Katz-Bierenbaum 1956 New York
    Patricia Kelley Tennessee
    Terry Kelley 1953 California
    Rebecca Kellison 1954 Colorado
    Patricia Kelly Unknown Tennessee
    Patricia Lousie Kelly 1957
    Kimberly Kersey 1968 Washington
    Cindy King 1961 Oregon
    Tracy King 1960 Pennsylvania
    Hazel Klug 1962 Virginia
    Ruth Leamon 1966 California
    Patricia Leblanc 1968 Washington
    Karen Lee 1961 Oregon
    Tammy Leppert 1965 Florida
    Cynthia Leslie 1959 Arizona
    Jackie Leslie 1961 Arizona
    Lori Lloyd 1961 Ohio
    Mary Long 1964 California
    Charlotte Loomis 1958 New Jersey
    Debora Lowe 1958 Florida
    Carol Lubahn 1954 California
    Annabelle Ludwig 1941 Ohio
    Lynn Luray 1948 California
    Dorothy Madden 1948 Ohio
    Elizabeth Maggard 1961 Kentucky
    Tammy Mahoney 1961 New York
    Cynthia Maine 1959 California
    Aleca Manning 1952 Arizona
    Sherry Marler 1971 Alabama
    Carolyn Martin 1957 Michigan
    Leslie Martin-Porter 1959 California
    Shirley McBride 1969 New Hampshire
    Tammie McCormick 1972 New York
    Sharon McCully 1959 Texas
    Angela Meeker 1965 Washington
    Deborah Meyer 1958 Wyoming
    Diana Miller 1962 Pennsylvania
    Elizabeth Miller 1969 Colorado
    Connie Minchaca 1960 California
    Barbara Monaco 1960 Virginia
    Barbara Monaco 1960 Virginia
    Kimberly Moreau 1969 Maine
    Kelly Morrissey 1968 New York
    Michelle Mulcahy 1961 Florida
    Debra Murr 1956 Tennessee
    Pamela Nater 1946 Florida
    Pamela Neal 1960 Colorado
    Audrey Nerenberg 1958 New York
    Dana Null 1963 Florida
    Donna O'Banion 1960 Louisiana
    Mary Opitz 1963 Florida
    Patricia Otto 1952 Idaho
    Jeanne Overstreet 1963 Arizona
    Jennifer Pandos 1971 Virginia
    Eleanor Parker 1962 Louisiana
    Kristina Perkins 1953 Arizona
    Cynthia Perry 1968 North Carolina
    Linda Peterson 1949 Utah
    Elizabeth Pfeifer 1965 Texas
    Mary Plavnick 1962 Florida
    Denise Porch 1954 North Carolina
    Wanda Priddy 1958 Texas
    Debra Pscholka 1958 California
    Laureen Rahn 1966 New Hampshire
    Angela Ramsey 1961 Florida
    Kathleen Randall 1958 Georgia
    Mary Rawlinson 1966 California
    Donnis Redman 1943 California
    Leichia Reilly 1963 New York
    Marcia Remick 1962 Virginia
    Linda Reynolds 1952 Arkansas
    Susan Riedling 1967 Kentucky
    Sherry Roach 1959 California
    Rochelle Robbins 1951 California
    Elaine Robertson 1955 Washington
    Christine Rodriguez 1966 California
    Alma Root 1965 California
    Nancy Rose 1950 Idaho
    Cindy Rowles 1968 New York
    Doris SCANDALIS 1930 California
    Lucinda Schaefer 1962 California
    Gayla Schaper 1951 Idaho
    Patricia Schmidt 1964 Virginia
    Diane Schulte 1954 Idaho
    Suzanne Schultz 1961 Wisconsin
    Lynne Schulze 1953 Vermont
    Beverly Sharpman 1930 Pennsylvania
    Denise Sheehy 1954 New York
    Martha Shelton 1944 Kentucky
    Mary Shinn 1953 Arkansas
    Catherine Sjoberg 1957 Wisconsin
    Bertha Smith 1913 Arizona
    Cindy Smith 1960 Florida
    Debra Spickler 1955 Connecticut
    Mary Sprague 1960 Florida
    Vicki Arleen Sundgaard 1963
    Sheri Swims 1961 Florida
    Mary Ann Switalski 1946 Illinois
    Michelle Thomas 1967 Texas
    Nadine Timm 1935 Illinois
    Pamela Tinsley 1966 Oklahoma
    Deborah Tomlinson 1957 Oregon
    Mary Trlica 1957 Texas
    Donna Urban 1959 Delaware
    Leah Van Schoick 1965 Florida
    Emma Vaughn 1967 Florida
    Wilma Vermaas 1952 California
    Floradean Walker 1925 Texas
    Sheree Warren 1960 Utah
    Darlene Webb 1962 Florida
    Virginia Welch 1960 Virginia
    Christina White 1967 Washington
    Rochelle White 1951 California
    Nancy Willis 1961 Tennessee
    Nancy Willis 1961 Tennessee
    Karen Wilson 1963 New York
    Lisa Wilson 1960 Texas
    Verla Winter 1939 Washington
    Cynthia Woolard 1957 Florida
    Judy WORRELL 1957 California
    Cheryl Wyant 1964 California
    Jennifer Wyant 1958 Tennessee
    Amy Yachimec 1968 Arizona
    Karen Zendrosky 1963 New Jersey
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    Sarah Tokier may have had family that lived in close proximity to where shotgun Jane Doe was shot in TN. I have found records that lead me to believe this but I can not post them here because those records name innocent Tokier family members. Tokier is an unusual last name and there are not very many in the U.S. even to this day.

    It is my belief that Sara Tokier has a twin brother.

    There is an 11 year gap between when Sarah Tokier reportedly went missing and when Shotgun Jane Doe was found. I do concede that this is a very large gap in time for Tokier to have been missing, and off the radar so to speak, but it also does not seem as if anybody was searching too hard for her. I can find no articles or press releases that would lead me to believe that her family (or anybody else for that matter) was actively searching for Tokier. Perhaps they did search diligently and records of those efforts are simply not available online because it was so long ago. Regardless, I can find no evidence (on the internet) of searches that were done for Sarah Tokier or articles that show searches having been done. I plan to contact Television Stations, Radio Stations and newspapers (Where she is reported to have disappeared from in CA) that were in business at the time of Sarah Tokiers (approximate) disappearance in an attempt to discern if there were any notices broadcast or searches announced in the above types of media at any time since Tokier's disappearance. If anything comes of these efforts I will pay for the archives and post them here, with permission from their authors, of course.

    I have found articles and video online about Detectives searching for Shotgun Jane Doe's identity.

    All of the above is only my own opinion.
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    The Websleuths thread for the Knox County, TN "Shotgun Jane Doe".


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    This post shows a likeness of "Buckshot Jane Doe" and Sarah Tokier side by side.

    (Thank you little Lulu for the pic's.)

    Please note that Kim Larrow (Missing) is the first picture, Shotgun Jane Doe is in the middle and an age progressed image of Sarah Tokier is on the right.

    Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - TN TN - Knox County - "Shotgun Jane Doe" WhtFem 607UFTN, 21-30, Jun'87
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    Sarah's parents divorced & remarried then divorced again. I looked them up on a family tree site. I think that the family dynamics had a lot to do with no one knowing what was up because they probably didn't all live together.

    Abraham Tokier is her twin brother's name. He was a cop. You can google him; he comes up with a PI agency now IIRC
    Sarah R Tokier event: Birth event date: 10 Jun 1960
    Abraham M Tokier event: Birth event date: 10 Jun 1960

    rest of the search

    *Added to a UP post figured I'd copy here too

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    I was checking SJD's new rule outs with the update this morning; now at 220. Sarah did not make the list. I looked at Sarah's NamUs; it said DNA Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete which I do not remember being there until my notation Feb 15th.

    Quote Originally Posted by dsntslp View Post
    Sarah Rachel Tokier, (16) Montebello, San Bernardino County, CA
    Dental records are not available. DNA (CODIS) available (Multiple DNA profiles may be on file). CODIS reference number is available to registered NamUs Law Enforcement agencies in the DNA section."
    I then checked this post; DNA was in CODIS- so it may already be a rule out

    Sarah was submitted by someone not on WS January 4, 2013
    Email sent to Doe network- March 7, 2013
    From: Rocky Wells
    Subject: Re: Email of possible match

    Hello xxx,

    I can tell you that this passed our panel and was submitted to Law Enforcement. To date I have not received a reply from them.

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    I'm not sure if this is the same person as the brother listed above but I thought I would post it for those that are following this case:


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    **Morgue photo at link***

    I think this may be her:

    She is a Jane Doe was found shot to death in a mine shaft San Bernardino County in May 1976. She is the same height, and looks similar. Any opinions?
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    The San Bernandino Doe has a thread in the UID Forum.

    CA - Nipton - WhtFem 778UFCA, 18-30, In Mineshaft, May'76

    Sarah has been mentioned in that thread, but I'm not certain if she was submitted or not. I don't see her listed as a rule-out on NamUs. https://identifyus.org/en/cases/2503

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    I emailed Detectives in San Bernardino to look into it
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    This is troubling,check out this story about her Twin Brother-

    EDIT: The link wouldn't post. Anyhow, her twin Brother, a cop,was arrested for domestic abuse & kidnapping. You can google his name.I don't want to post his name here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morf13 View Post
    This is troubling,check out this story about her Twin Brother-

    EDIT: The link wouldn't post. Anyhow, her twin Brother, a cop,was arrested for domestic abuse & kidnapping. You can google his name.I don't want to post his name here.
    We (I have a group for a Jane Doe) were looking at Sarah a years ago; found all the stuff online about her twin brother.

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    Kelly Morrissey another strange convoluted case
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    Wow - I sincerely hope that there aren't human remains buried in your hard but if they are then they're someone's family and there's likely someone somewhere waiting for them to come home. Call the police ASAP and keep us updated if possible!!

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