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    Australia - Sarah McMahon, 20, Perth, WA, 8 Nov 2000


    A cold case review of both investigations was launched last year and Morey said he was still in contact with Ms McMahon, who he claimed was living in Canada with her two children.

    Coroner Alastair Hope said on Thursday that because Ms McMahon had not contacted her loved ones in more than 12 years, he was confident she was dead.

    "The circumstances in which Ms McMahon disappeared are sinister and I have confidently been able to exclude the possibility that she died by way of natural causes, accident or suicide,'' he said.
    If Morey (the murderer who was last seen with her) was in contact with Sarah all these years -- can't he provide proof she is alive? Like .. an address? Phone number? Something? And why would she speak him and him alone and not her family - for 12 years?

    How is this Morey guy NOT charged with something in this case? Thank goodness he's inside, anyhow, and not roaming free.

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    Fifteen years ago Sarah McMahon, then 20, who was by all accounts happy and healthy, left her workplace to meet someone in Bassendean and was never seen again...

    Despite two police investigations, a special crime squad review of the case file in 2011 and a 2012 inquest, her killer has not been held to account and her body has not been found...

    The only things found belonging to her in the days after she vanished were her phone and car. Twelve days after she went missing, her Ford Meteor sedan was found at Swan District Hospital. Her mobile phone was later found on the Great Northern Highway, near the hospital.

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