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    Coast Guardsman reappears after missing 3 months

    "A man who served for more than 15 years in the Coast Guard has miraculously reappeared after being declared missing more than three months ago, Honolulu police and the Coast Guard said on Tuesday.

    Petty Officer First Class Russell Matthews, who worked as a rescue swimmer, returned to his home in Hawaii on Sunday night after he was presumed dead.

    Officials said he was incoherent and taken to a military hospital for observation.."

    Complicated & convoluted case. Much more on this story & photos at link:


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    What a bizarre story, even from before he disappeared. I'll be interested to know what the deal is here if they end up publicizing it.
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    Coast Guardsman in custody after disappearance


    ...........Tripler Army Medical Center medically cleared and released Petty Officer 1st Class Russell Matthews on Tuesday night, Coast Guard spokesman Chief Warrant Officer Gene Maestas said.

    When the 36-year-old vanished in October, he was in the process of being discharged from the Coast Guard for illegal use of marijuana, Maestas said.

    He hasn't been arrested. But Maestas said Matthews' unauthorized absence for three months and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance make him a flight risk, so his commanding officer ordered him into pretrial confinement at the Naval Brig on Ford Island while the Coast Guard investigates his case........more at link......

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    <snip> Petty Officer Russell Matthews, who worked as a rescue swimmer for the U.S. military branch, mysteriously disappeared last October; following an intensive three-day search, officials presumed the twice-married father of two was dead.
    The 36-year-old officer went missing around the one-year anniversary of his wife’s suicide; in 2009, she had sustained significant brain damage from a biking accident.
    His second wife reported him missing on October 9, 2012.
    Officers said that Matthews, a 15-year veteran of the Coast Guard, was distraught at the time of his disappearance, leaving his car parked at Kaena Point in Oahu.
    The only other traces of the officer rescue workers found were a pair of slippers, and his hat floating in the water.

    Obviously this man was a strong swimmer. Finding his car in a remote area and his hat in the water, it seems as if he may have purposely disappeared.

    Could it be due to grief on the anniversary of his wives death? Either way, even though he was medically cleared, I hope tht his emotional state is being closely examined.

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