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    Alabama man dies when crossbow discharges in his car


    ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (AP) — Authorities say an Alabama man was killed when a crossbow in the backseat of his car discharged.

    Short article....called an accident.....does a crossbow have a safety?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reader View Post
    http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/...harges-his-cart.....does a crossbow have a safety?[/I]

    They are supposed to have a safety.

    From an article on cross bows

    Never put your trust in the safety-catch of any crossbow. They can fail.

    Never cock the crossbow until you are about to shoot it at a proper target.

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    Why in the world would the cross bow have been 'cocked' in the car? So sad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EGirl View Post
    Why in the world would the cross bow have been 'cocked' in the car? So sad!
    Exactly what I was thinking

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    omg! The poor guy! That is just terrible.

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    This was a friend of my son. From what we understand, he and possibly others were night hunting and kept the cross bow 'loaded' in the back seat for quick use. It's very unfortunate, very sad....my son is so upset that he lost a friend to something like this. The guy was very well liked and will be missed.

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    That is terrible. My ex hunted with bow and arrow and did the archery shoots. Those things are powerful. Watch out congress may want to call them assault weapons and have them ban too! IMO

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    I'm very sorry for your family's loss, kentuckybound.

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