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    OSU releases victims name, redacts identity of man involved.


    A 19-year-old woman filed a peeping tom complaint with campus police on Saturday, claiming she was made aware that her ex-boyfriend filmed her during consensual sex in a campus residence hall in October 2012. She told police the filming took place without her knowledge or consent.

    The woman claims the sex acts occurred in a dorm room at Davis Residence Hall and her ex-boyfriend is an OSU football player.

    Neither campus police nor OSU Communications would comment on the woman's allegations on Thursday. A spokesperson, however, provided a police report with the woman's name, address and her telephone number visible. The name of the man was blacked out intentionally.

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    That's incredible but I'm not surprised, considering the school and the sports activity.

    OSU's reputation has plummeted this year after it attempted - so it seemed to most - to cover up sexual battery charges against a frat member by trying to keep it "in house" and not involving the Stillwater PD.

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    You don't think it was an accident?

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