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    Reliable websites for missing persons?

    I've known some websites that are for people who are missing and I find that some are very reliable and some doesn't seem to be. Which do you find the most reliable?

    I ask because I've seen people no longer listed at the NCMEC or their own state's websites but they are still listed at NamUs.gov. Isn't NamUS run by the government? There are other websites that I thought were reliable but now I'm not sure like Charley Project and North American Missing Persons Database. I've seen people on Charley Project listed as missing but according to the states and NCMEC they aren't missing anymore. What is going on with those websites not keeping up? I know we see many people going missing and being recovered each day but there should be a way to better keep up with the cases. How can we search for missing persons if we don't know if they're missing and we are wasting time on people who are not missing anymore.

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    I think most of the better-known ones that people use a lot around here are more or less equally reliable. If people don't show up on some databases maybe they were not submitted in the first place and if there is a lag between updates it could have to do with local LE getting the word out and who is getting information from who.

    I think the most reliable would be the one where relatives can submit people and it's the most "official" one but whenever relatives of missing people come to WS one of the first things people ask is if they have submited the case to that database so it's possible that while it may be the most accurate, that lots of cases are in the other ones thanks to LE but not on this if the family doesn't know about it.

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