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    The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office has extended plea offers to the five defendants charged with killing a 23-year-old Pemberton Township man and dumping his body in the Pine Barrens nearly two years ago. The defendants, all of Pemberton Township, appeared Monday at the Burlington County Courthouse...

    Investigators have not released details about how Bauer was killed because of the ongoing investigation.

    Ryan Sweet, 21, and Brandon Dixon, 26, were charged with murder and the desecration of human remains in the Jan. 25, 2013, incident... Co-defendants Andrew Baith, 20; Patrick Bush, 48; and Paul Martell, 22, were charged with desecration of human remains.

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    Thanks; been busy; hadn't seen it. I know one of the attorneys really well; he's really good & expensive! I don't see it mentioned that he's a public defender. I'll be surprised if they all don't do jail time.

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