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    'Plastic micro beads' to be removed from soap

    "(CNN) -- If you use exfoliating soaps, you might not know those little beads may be made of plastic -- or think about what happens to them when they go down the drain.

    But it's on the minds of marine science researchers, as well as a major company."

    "...Research in microplastics suggests that very small particles, even tens of microns in diameter, can be retained in the tissues of marine invertebrates, Thompson said. A 2008 study from Thompson's group found that microplastic particles remained in mussels for 48 days."


    Easy enough to avoid these products when possible just in case.
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    I used these yrs ago but got tired of those beads getting into my eyes even when I was trying very carefully to avoid that. I eventually just quit buying them all together and now glad that I did.

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    Ditto, I got an eyeful of those things once, and never used the product again.

    Poor sealife, and all the crud they have to endure for our vanity's sake.

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