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    Pizza Chain Makes Special Delivery for Soldier in Afghanistan


    Army National Guard Maj. Shawn Fulker is thousands of miles away serving in Afghanistan, and when his wife's birthday came around, he decided he wanted to do something very special.

    Josephine Fulker loves Mellow Mushroom pizza, so her husband emailed Mellow Mushroom's corporate website on Thursday to ask whether one of the company's Jacksonville stores could deliver a pizza and a $50 gift card to his wife at their Jacksonville, Fla., home. If they could, he said, he would call the store and pay for it with his credit card.

    Mellow Mushroom did one better. Unbeknownst to Shawn Fulker, a local Mellow Mushroom franchise was working to make his request even more memorable.............

    "Of course we weren't going to charge him for anything," Valentino told ABC. "Him being a serviceman and his wife being home. … Hopefully in her husband's absence we were able to help her have a great birthday while he's over in Afghanistan serving our country."............

    "He was just really overwhelmed with their thoughtful act of kindness," Josephine, 41, said of her 46-year-old husband...........

    "I miss my wife and son so much, and seeing that photo of them smiling at my front door brought tears to my eyes," he wrote. "When I received the email and photo from Mellow Mushroom I was sitting at my desk, and had to get up and leave the room to compose myself. I am very grateful for that moment."............

    More at link....with video.....

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    I love this story, thank you for posting it!

    God bless our military!
    ^^^^^ My posts are all IMO, JMO, MOO unless I have included a link^^^^^

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    In Viet Nam, one of our guys wrote to both Hostess and Frito-lay and they sent him, free, cases of product, which he shared.

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    This is way cool! And I love the heart shaped pepperoni idea!

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