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    40 feet above Sudbury and awaiting her rescue: Tigger the tabby, in a predicament

    Cat's a long way up! Firefighters call for back-up and extra-high
    ladder to rescue tabby stuck on top of a 40ft telegraph pole
    (Daily Mail)
    Firefighters mounted a dramatic rescue to save a terrified tabby cat stuck at the top of a 40ft telegraph pole.
    A spokesman for Suffolk Fire and rescue Service said: 'We were called by the owner of an elderly cat who had got itself stuck at the top of a telegraph pole in Sudbury.'
    In typical feline fashion, Tigger had nimbly climbed the tall post but became too frightened to get down again.
    'On this occasion RSPCA requested our attendance and so a local appliance was sent to rescue the cat. They were able to get the cat down from the pole and return it to its worried owner within ten minutes of the call.'
    much more, with plenty of Rescuing Tigger From Her Lofty Perch pics, at link above

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    That is one hefty cat to have made it up that pole, staying there... poor thing, something obviously spooked her and she went for the highest point her little claws could take her.

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