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    TX - Kimberly McCarthy's execution halted; DA won't appeal


    Her execution reset for April 3
    HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A Texas woman won a reprieve from the death chamber Tuesday, mere hours before she was scheduled to be the first woman executed in the U.S. since 2010.

    State District Judge Larry Mitchell, in Dallas, rescheduled Kimberly McCarthy's punishment for April 3 so lawyers for the former nursing home therapist could have more time to pursue an appeal focused on whether her predominantly white jury was improperly selected on the basis of race. McCarthy is black.

    Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Shelly Yeatts, who initially contested the motion to reschedule, said she would not appeal the ruling.

    The 51-year-old McCarthy was convicted and sent to death row for the 1997 stabbing, beating and robbery of a 71-year-old neighbor. She learned of the reprieve less than five hours before she was scheduled for lethal injection, already in a small holding cell a few feet from the death chamber at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Huntsville Unit.............

    McCarthy would have been the 13th woman executed in the U.S. and the fourth in Texas, the nation's busiest death penalty state, since the Supreme Court allowed capital punishment to resume in 1976. In that same time period, more than 1,300 male inmates have been executed nationwide.

    Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics compiled from 1980 through 2008 show women make up about 10 percent of homicide offenders nationwide. According to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, 3,146 people were on the nation's death rows as of Oct. 1, and only 63 — 2 percent — were women.

    More at link......

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    Barring a reprieve, Kimberly McCarthy will be executed tomorrow.

    She will be the 500th inmate executed by Texas since the Supreme Court allowed the death penalty to resume in the U.S.

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    Oh my

    McCarthy, 52, was condemned for using a butcher knife and candelabra to beat and fatally stab retired college professor Dorothy Booth at the victim's Lancaster home. Evidence showed the former nursing home therapist used the knife to sever Booth's finger to steal her wedding ring.

    Article says she's been linked to 2 other slayings


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    TX - Executes # 500

    A shocking milestone today with Texas executing Kimberly McCarthy, a 52 year old (poor, black) woman found guilty of murder.

    She is the 500th person put to death in Texas alone since 1976.


    I hope I'm not alone in finding this absolutely outrageous and positively medieval. Ms McCarthy no doubt has a long and awful history as a crack addict and child abuse victim. This does not excuse her murdering anyone, but I for one am disgusted that a government can treat its disadvantaged this way. One could argue if she was wealthy or white, she would be walking the streets again already like Casey Anthony.

    It's time for the US to start following International Law and abolish the DP along with the rest of civilised society.

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    She didn't act civilised to me.

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    She stabbed an elderly woman to death and cut her finger off to get a diamond ring which she then pawned.

    Very heinous crime. Very deserving of the death penalty. The state of Texas is efficient. My opinion only.
    Last edited by mrsselig; 06-26-2013 at 10:48 PM. Reason: Apologies....method was stabbing, not beating
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    From the article you posted above...

    McCarthy, 52, was executed for the 1997 robbery, beating and fatal stabbing of retired college psychology professor Dorothy Booth. Booth had agreed to give McCarthy a cup of sugar before she was attacked with a butcher knife and candelabra at her home in Lancaster, about 15 miles south of Dallas. Authorities say McCarthy cut off Booth's finger to remove her wedding ring.


    DNA evidence also tied McCarthy to the December 1988 slayings of 81-year-old Maggie Harding and 85-year-old Jettie Lucas. Harding was stabbed and beaten with a meat tenderizer, while Lucas was beaten with both sides of a claw hammer and stabbed.

    Three brutal murders...three elderly defensless ladies...criminal punished for her crime (s) according to the law, after a trial and many appeals.

    Nope, no sympathy here. Except for her victims who died in pain and terror.
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