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    Missing for four and a half years, family's Boston terrier Oreo is home at last

    Family's joy at being reunited with beloved Boston terrier found wandering the streets FOUR YEARS after he vanished (Daily Mail)
    One summer's day, Oreo the Boston Terrier walked out on his family and was never seen again.

    The Guglielmellis always believed he would return, but after four-and-a-half years their hopes had long since faded.

    That was until Tuesday when, to their disbelief, their beloved dog came back into their lives.

    'I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe it after all this time he came home,' said Tammy Guglielmelli as she hugged Oreo, who was found with a fractured leg living rough 30 miles away.
    He was found wandering around a storage facility in Daly City and was reunited with his family thanks to his microchip.
    Missing Dog Reunited With Palo Alto Family After 4 Years (nbclosangeles.com)
    Oreo disappeared in the summer of 2008. He likely escaped through an open backyard gate. The family believe someone saw Oreo and took care of him.

    "Every time I saw a Boston terrier, I always kinda looked and wondered...just always kept hope," Guglielmelli said.
    The family believes Oreo may have run away again, got hit by a car and somehow survived on his own for two months
    "There's a fracture in the hip area. And also the kneecap is out of place," Dr. Paul Ghumann said as he pointed to X-rays.
    "The dog's healthy. The doctor's going to make him well. He's back in the family. And that's good," Larry Guglielmelli said.
    more, with pictures at the first link and a video at the second, with Oreo looking soulful in each

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    That Oreo is quite the little survivor. Those microchips for pets are proving themselves to be lifesavers too.

    For anyone who is interested:

    How Pet Microchipping Works

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