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    NJ - Amish shoot dog & pups. Acceptable?


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    I know I will be in the minority but the Spca does the same thing. If they can not find homes they kill the animals.
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    Our neighbors adopted a dog that was rescued from Amish annihilation of unwanted animals. Stories of the mass shootings of dogs are gruesome

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    Ah --- red heelers! Best dogs ever, aside from the awesome kelpie.

    Damn, I'd have taken them all in a blink. I can't believe they shot the dogs.. I know folks in the US who have wanted but haven't been able to locate the breed.

    I have seen example after example of Amish folk working their horses literally into the ground and then shooting them once they're ruined (if the poor horse is lucky). Political correctness be damned, I say they need to get in line (or be made to get in line) with laws everyone else has to abide by concerning animal welfare in the USA.

    I get that the Amish place a different cultural value on domestic animals. But cruelty should be punished, wherever it's found.

    Was it cruel to shoot these dogs? Hard call, that, as I don't know the circumstances of how the dogs lived and why they were put down in this instance. But going off of the general treatment of Amish horses? My guess is that the owners need a swift kick in the pants and to be banned from owning animals for ten years, for each dog.

    ETA: I wonder if the dogs were part of one of these atrocious puppy mills?

    Make that 20 years, per dog.

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