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    FL - Judith Ann Roberts, 6, Miami, raped and murdered 1954


    ''An intruder breaks into a Miami home late at night and kidnaps a 6-year-old girl from her bed. Within hours, her body is dumped on a desolate road in Coconut Grove. She had been beaten, strangled and sexually molested.

    The 1954 murder of Judith Ann Roberts, just a month before her seventh birthday, was Miami's first media-soaked, high-profile murder of a child.

    Call it South Florida's version of today's JonBenet Ramsey murder mystery''

    From the news archives- much more online.
    ''Sex Fiend steals child''


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    Thanks Robin. That's certainly a bizarre case.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid

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    So I was reading about this little angel girls case. I thought lets see what she looked like. I found a picture being auctioned on ebay. -BS PHOTO hjs-530 Judith Ann Roberts Murder Case 1954
    Seriously? Someone is going to profit from a little girls tragic ending. For $6.00. It was also just ended. How strange is that me reading about her and theres this auction just ended,
    (Yes I am aware that there are famous cases that others profit from) but this one feels different,

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    Interesting quote:

    ''She was nude, her body beaten and wrapped in her own little girl nightgown,'' Whitman recalled. ``A tree branch had been used to sexually assault her, but that was a ruse. The killer wanted to make it look like a sexual crime, but it wasn't.''
    So her killer wanted it to look like a sexual crime, but it wasn't. He had a different motive. A motive that would've connected him easily to the case if it were found out?

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    If the detective dies(he was 85 the last I saw) does someone else know of the three things he is keeping out of the media to identify the killer.
    I wonder if they got any dna. They just solved the oldest cold case involving sweet little Maria Ridulph from the 1957.This case is a few years older and sounds like there may be some good evidence that cold have something on it.,

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    Another article with more information about the crime and accusations against the father.

    All statements are my opinion only.

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