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    Thirsty Koala stalks walker

    This happened just down the road from me.

    We tend to forget that our wildlife needs water too.

    This brave little koala climbed down from her tree and followed the human with the water bottle down a suburban street until she'd drank 3 of them, then she tried to get into her car as well!

    Lovely to know some wildlife view humans as helpers, not a threat. Cute pics at the link.


    ETA: it has actually rained here recentlly, and koalas don't usually drink a lot of water...so this is unusual behaviour, to say the least!
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    Yes, I loved the pictures, so glad the woman helped this very thirsty animal.....

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    AWH! Tried to get in the car.. poor wee thing. And yes, weird behaviour to say the least.

    We used to get all kinds of wildlife hanging around the sheep troughs in the dry. I wonder if the local wildlife folks there might see to putting out some water troughs or something in the area, if things are that bad..

    Even here in moist old Melb, the lawns are parched pale and evaporation is insane on the open top fish tanks, I've had to Gladwrap them. So maybe a bit of rain didn't really help the thirsty critters..

    Bush fires + lots of growth from spring.. >< I'm hoping it doesn't happen.

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