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    Canada - Robb Kidd for child pornography, Kingston, Ont, 2012

    More charges for assistant fire chief


    KINGSTON Ontario- Police have laid 19 new child pornography-related charges against assistant fire chief Robb Kidd — bringing the total number of charges to 35.

    Kidd, a 38-year veteran of Kingston Fire and Rescue, was granted bail in November after being arrested on 16 charges of making and possessing child pornography, child exploitation, invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism and criminal harassment.

    Details of the charges cannot be published under a court-ordered ban.

    The new charges, brought before the Ontario Court of Justice Thursday, consist of 14 counts of voyeurism, two counts of making child pornography, two counts of possessing child pornography and one count of sexually exploiting a minor.

    The new charges stem from an ongoing investigation by Kings*ton Police.

    Details of those charges are also subject to a publication ban in order to protect the identity of the victims.

    Kidd, 53, was released from custody in December after an appeal before Justice John M. Johnston at the Frontenac County courthouse. His first bail request was denied.

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    Making child porn - the worst of the worst, imo.

    It's a kick in the teeth when someone in a position of public trust chooses this or any other type of crime.

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    He was sentenced in March 2015, let out on day parole in October 2015, released on full parole June 2016.

    Until we make the criminals take their crimes more seriously, this is what we get, I suppose. If he is a typical compulsive sex offender, he should begin re-offending soon.
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