Toward a Quantification of Serial Murder Victimization in the United States ( pdf link )
Kenna Quinet
Homicide Studies 2007; 11; 319 DOI: 10.1177/1088767907307467

[color]Abstract: Although early attempts to estimate the number of serial murder victims in the United States varied greatly and were exaggerated, current estimates may actually underestimate the number of serial murder victims. This study provides extrapolation from existing databases including missing persons, unidentified dead, and misidentified dead to esti- mate uncounted serial murder victims. In addition to providing lower and upper estimates of possible victims from these sources, this article also provides a methodology for count- ing “the missing missing”—missing persons who were never reported as missing and some of whom may be serial murder victims. By counting various sources of possible hidden serial murder victims, the addition of a lower estimate of 182 and an upper esti- mate of 1,832 additional annual serial murder victims in the United States is suggested.[/color]