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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    A Message From ME to Everyone in the JonBenet Forum

    We do not allow name calling, snide remarks, inside jokes or being a jerk in general.

    If someone wants to discuss the Intruder Theory they are welcome to do so as long as they too follow our terms of service.

    Most of you know I firmly believe the proof is solid in that there was no intruder but as co owner of Websleuths I must insist that we do not attack each other.

    If you disagree with a post ignore it or post back in a mature and polite manner.

    You also have the "Ignore" feature in which you can put posters on ignore and then you don't have to worry about seeing what they write.

    Now, I want to also stress that we don't allow people to come on Websleuths and start accusing innocent people. So far the only people to be indicted by the GJ are the Ramseys.

    Santa didn't do it, Fleet White didn't do it and so on. I will not allow the naming of innocent people as suspects.

    Please help me here. The JBR forum holds a special place in my heart. Let's let everyone discuss their ideas in a polite manner.
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    New Policy - we are going to do something a bit different here. This case has been debated for the past 17 years or so. Lines have been drawn and at this point, that's okay. There appears to be 2 main camps, the "Ramseys did it" (RDIs) and "an intruder did it" (IDIs).

    We are going to allow some (just some, not all) threads to be established based on particular theories, i.e., RDI or IDI. All new threads are now moderated before they are opened for posting, so the Mods can watch this.

    If, for a particular reason, you want a thread that is for ether RDI or IDI only, send me a pm and we can discuss it. There must be a valid reason for requesting restricted viewpoints and the valid reason will be at Mod/Mgmt discretion.

    Generally, it is not good to limit viewpoints but this case has been hashed out for 17+ years. At this point, being able to focus on particular areas without going back over all the evidence could actually be helpful.



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    I just want to say thank you for all the new posting guidelines. I think it has made a huge difference. I love that there is an Yours Mine and Ours level of posting now.

    I think it lends to more respect in the ours threads and yet a place to blow off steam or be emphatic in the Mine Threads. And also a respect for the Hands off thread of either camp.

    I really appreciate all you guys have done to make this forum even better!
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    We are going to have a forum software upgrade very soon. The forum will look very different. Follow the "forum" tab on the new site and you'll be able to find your way again. If there are delays in access to the forum, I will write about them on my Twitter.

    We will be making forum decor changes after the upgrade, but it's going to look pretty strange before we have the time to make those changes happen. Excuse our dust ~ but most of all, enjoy the new digs!!!

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    WEBSLEUTHS will be offline tomorrow morning, July 4th, from 6AM to about 8AM PST for a software upgrade. You can get updates about the upgrade during that time on Twitter via #websleuths.

    The search feature will not be fully operational for a couple of days after the upgrade, due to the amount of information on our site. It takes awhile to get that data back online.

    For more information and to get answers to your questions, follow this link to our private forum:
    For Members Only

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    I'm glad to finally be back on here again. Was active about a year ago, but lost my username and password. I also managed to graduate university in May of this year, so I now have an RBA in Criminal Justice. Guess I'll have to read the whole JBR forum over again to refresh my memory. Hope I can be helpful somewhere.

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    Welcome back! and congratulations on your accomplishment, I hope you enjoy putting your learning to Websleuths...

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