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    CT - Grandma ends rowdy sleepover

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    Ha! So she thinks the parents should have called her before the police, but it's fine for her to not call the parents before kicking their children out onto the street?!

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    Yeah-freezing cold. 430 or so am? Not the brightest move...she could have put them in separate rooms...or called their parents to come get them. Or dealt with it..

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    I hope that someone else will be raising this little boy from now on but I doubt it will happen. The woman has no common sense and she seems to think she should be given a pass for sending children out in the icy darkness all alone! If she couldn't handle three little boys at a sleepover, she should have called their parents to come get them!


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    Her grandson is fourteen. Hopefully some younger male relatives will take him in and teach some respect and minding parents. Elderly grandparents shouldn't be the ones having to do it.

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    She should have called the parents!Between the bitter cold and the manics roaming how could she just kick them out!
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    My, how times have changed! Had I been one of the kids sent home, my parents would have tanned my hide for misbehaving and then made me write the grandmother a note of apology.

    No police would have been involved.

    Yes, the woman used poor judgment. Her husband was in intensive care after a stroke, her son (or son-in-law) died within the past year, and she had a lot on her hands. Her big mistake was not canceling the sleepover in the first place.

    But I think taking her grandson away from her is a bit of an overreaction. She thought the kids in question were teenagers and there's nothing in the article that says how far the kids had to walk.

    ETA: According to this site, one of the kids in question lived in the same condo complex, so he can't have walked too far:


    I'm not saying that makes it a good idea to send him out in the dark, but as the first article says, she thought the kids she kicked out were her son's age: early teens. At that age I had to leave the house well before sunrise to catch the school bus.
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    71 years old.....handcuffs? Really?

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    Whatever happened to the police having a common sense talk and saying, "Mrs. Aiello, that really wasn't a good idea."? And whatever happened to parents simply saying, "You can't stay over at that house any more!"?

    The way the article is worded, it may be that neither boy ever left the condo complex. (It says the parents of one woke up and found "both" boys, as if to imply they both went to the nearest condo.)

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    Seriously, when I'm 71 and if some young boys/teens are being rowdy at my house at 430 in the morning (very disrespectful IMO)....very likely they're getting booted out... Also likely to happen before then, when I'm 61..

    I may or may not call parents; sounds like this poor lady was at her wits end..and she has my sympathy.... police putting her in handcuffs was totally unnecessary.

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    Oh jeez. Poor old woman. Imagine that's your nanna, dealing with death and illness.. and a 14 yo besides..

    While she shouldn't have just kicked the kids out, it's obvious this blew up into panic merchant mode all round. Especially if the kids lived in the same complex..


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    If the kids are anything like some I've known the past few years, then she probably somehow got conned into having the sleepover and may not have had the boys parents numbers. Years ago, this definitely would not be a police thing and it would actually have been shameful for kids to behave like that.

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    Can we not make this into another "lousy kids today" thread?

    a)There were lousy, entitled, bully kids in the 50's too. The lengths the bad ones went to was actually quite obscene, and enabling parents generally turned a blind eye UNLESS it caused them embarrassment.

    b)There are millions of good parents and good kids today, older generations do not hold the title on that. There are also good parents who don't spank, and good parents who do spank. It's about accountability and instruction, not methods.

    c) To pretend that back in the day everything was better is romanticizing history. Back in the day, who was "somebody" spoke more than who was right. Some police were just as corrupt as the criminals. Rape was largely ignored. Back then, it was legal to put me in Japanese Internment Camps. Kids of wealthy and prominent parents were rarely held accountable.

    d)The article I read said the boys were being loud. At a sleepover. loud. It didn't say they were being rude, trashing the house, hurting anyone, or being BAD. They were being loud.

    Just imagine you didn't know the parents of a child too well, but you knew the kids were real good friends. Your child gets invited to a sleepover, you agree, and then find out that they were sent out in the middle of the night at 10 & 12 with no notification. No call to make sure they got home. No walking them home. Just out.

    Remember, this is younger than Dylan Redwine, and in that thread a lot of people are mad that his father left him home alone in a presumably secured house early in the day. But these kids were asked to go out into the dark night. Mama always said, nothing good goes down after midnight.

    Are you seriously saying you would come down hard on them for having to be put out and bothering the other family? Without questioning the decisions of the adult? Because all adults are so good you can just safely assume it's the kids? If I learned my kids had been a nuisance, I would also come down hard on them- they'd be lucky if they got to go anywhere without me for a year. Being hard on kids and being upset that they were put out in the middle of the night are not mutually exclusive responses!

    I personally expect that these kids lived REAL CLOSE, as I bet she wouldn't have thought to do that if they had been driven to her home and dropped off. So personally, I'm in the "no harm, no foul" camp on this particular issue. I wouldn't want her handcuffed, and I wouldn't want her to see jail. So, in the end, I agree with the sentiments that it doesn't need to be handled criminally. I don't think there was any criminal intent, or criminal consequences. So let it go.

    But I strongly disagree with the tone of WHY it should be let go. Not because 50 years ago the kids would have been beat for "having" to be put out, and not because the kids were probably bad kids anyway.... but because there was no criminal intent or consequences.

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    The message I get is that this grandmother needs more support. She's coping with the recent loss of her son and the catastrophic illness of her husband, plus having to raise an adolescent boy (which can be trying even for parents half her age). She needs to be given some help, not to be charged with a crime. I wonder where the grandson's mother is?
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    Such a tempest in a teapot! I can't imagine calling the police if my child walked home from a sleepover at 4:30 - and they have before, actually! One couldn't sleep, one got scared, one was having allergies from the cats in the house. If this was in a neighborhood, and they walked THERE for the sleepover, walking home is fine.

    There isn't any indication that they had to walk miles.

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