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    Where evil lurks: Neurologist discovers 'dark patch' inside the brains of killers and

    Where evil lurks: Neurologist discovers 'dark patch' inside the brains of killers and rapists

    Dr Roth said no two criminals are alike. He divides them into three groups for the purposes of his hunt for evil.

    The first he classifies as 'psychologically healthy,' people who grow up in an environment where it is 'OK to beat, steal and murder'.

    The second type is the mentally disturbed criminal who looks at his world as threatening.

    'A wrong look, one false move, he can explode and become a killer,' he said.

    The third group are pure psycopaths, a group in which tyrants such as Hitler and Stalin belong.

    The first would be most criminals. The second would be someone like Seung-Hui Cho or Adam Lanza. The third would be obviously Hitler and Stalin. I would include someone like Osama bin Laden, Eric Harris, and Casey Anthony.

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    Thanks for posting
    "This isn't who they are. It is only what happened to them."
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    I find this fasinating.

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    A German neurologist claims to have found the area of the brain where evil lurks in killers, rapists and robbers.

    Bremen scientist Dr Gerhard Roth says the 'evil patch' lies in the brain's central lobe and shows up as a dark mass on X-rays.

    He discovered it when investigating violent convicted offenders over the years for German government studies.

    'We showed these people short films and measured their brain waves,' he said.

    'Whenever there were brutal and squalid scenes the subjects showed no emotions. In the areas of the brain where we create compassion and sorrow, nothing happened.'
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete...#ixzz2K7ctI3MI
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    From what I remember from neuroanatomy classes each brain hemisphere has a frontal lobe, a parietal lobe, a temporal lobe and an occipital lobe.

    Also, X-rays have nothing to do with measuring the brain waves or emotions. The brain scan they have chosen as illustration in the story is not an X-ray image. There is some kind of a pencil shaped artefact on that scan.
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