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    Ohio man recovers stolen 300-year-old family Bible


    MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — A central Ohio man's heart sank when he realized that burglars had broken in and stolen a safe holding his most prized possession — a 300-year-old family Bible.

    The Bible, written in German Gothic script and containing the handwritten dates of births, deaths and marriages for seven generations of Tim Shier's family, disappeared in the burglary in Marysville, near Columbus, in December 2011.

    But thanks to a bit of luck, a sharp-eyed family member, local deputies and Goodwill — which had ended up with the Bible and then sold it online — the heirloom is back in Shier's hands.

    He called it an answer to his prayers.

    "Our family can't put a price on that Bible," Shier told The Columbus Dispatch for a story Tuesday. "History can never be replaced."

    More at link about how he got the Bible back and a picture...

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    I honestly wish they had more photos of it (though I understand why they don't) as I bet it is beautiful. The condition it is in looked to be really good from what you could see. I'm so happy the family was able to get it back.

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    So glad they got the bible back.

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    Kind of unchristianly of the folks who wouldn't give it up without their 405 dollars back. Just sayin.

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