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    Fairfax Co. (Va.) employees get mental health first aid training

    I'm impressed. I hope more local govt's do the same.


    Fairfax Co. employees get mental health first aid training

    Last week, 15 Fairfax County employees took a course in mental health first aid. None of them has a job that would seem to call for such training, but as more mental health care is provided outside of hospitals, people who work in local government say they are more likely to encounter people in need of mental health services.

    The purpose of the course is not to teach how to diagnose or treat mental illness, but how to recognize signs and symptoms and find appropriate help, instructor Samar Helmstutler said.....

    ....In Fairfax, the classes, open to the general public, are booked through June, and in a sign of the growing national interest in such programs, President Obama’s gun safety proposals introduced last month include financing for mental health first aid for teachers.....

    ....“People with mental health problems will often find their way into our office, and for the most part we’re not professionals, so we’re not professionally trained to deal with mental illness,” Bulova said. “So a little bit of first aid and a little bit of knowledge as to what mental illnesses are and what are the best ways to handle and approach someone I think is very valuable to all of us.”....

    .....“In spite of the fact that it really came about from a real tragedy in Sandy Hook, it’s a needed – this information is needed regardless of that,” he said. “People just don’t have a clear understanding and also how to help.”


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    Thanks belimom! We're in Ffx Cnty. I'm happy to hear about this training.

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    I've taken a 2 day course titled the same, as well as my mom who helps veterans file for unemployment benefits. I think it's just a good general training for everyone to have.