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    AZ - Myron Traylor, 13, Phoenix, 27 July 1988

    Missing Since
    : July 27, 1988 from Phoenix, Arizona
    : Non-Family Abduction
    Date Of Birth
    : October 1, 1974
    : 13 years old
    Height and Weight
    : 5'5, 106 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics
    : African-American male. Black hair, brown eyes. Traylor has a half-inch scar on the right side of his head.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description
    : A red and white striped shirt, blue and white print shorts and white tennis shoes.

    Details of Disappearance

    Traylor was walking to his grandparents' house with his mother in Phoenix, Arizona on July 27, 1988. His grandparents' residence was located on East Pecan Road, approximately one-half block from Traylor's family's home. Traylor stopped at OK Fish-N-Chips, which was located on 16th Street and Southern Avenue, to purchase a soft drink while his mother continued ahead. He was last seen at approximately 6:00 p.m. outside the stand after purchasing a soda. Traylor has never been heard from again. He was carrying a bag of dirty laundry at the time of his disappearance; Traylor planned to wash the clothes at his grandparents' home.

    Authorities said that Traylor's mother's former boyfriend was the only suspect in his disappearance. The man has never been charged in connection with the case due to a lack of evidence. He was one of the four witnesses who saw Traylor at OK Fish-N-Chips the evening of his disappearance. Traylor's aunt said that one of the man's arms was in a sling shortly after Traylor vanished; the individual claimed that the injury resulted from a dog bite.

    Investigators stated that the boyfriend was involved with drugs in 1988. Authorities theorized that Traylor confronted the man regarding his lifestyle after seeing him at OK Fish-N-Chips and was murdered shortly thereafter. Investigators received an anonymous letter in 1991 that claimed Traylor was buried on private property near 24th Street and Jones Avenue in Phoenix. A search of the location produced no evidence regarding his case. Authorities believe that Traylor was killed and buried near his last known location. His case remains unsolved.

    Traylor's mother died in March 2002, nearly 14 years after her son disappeared

    Investigating Agencies
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Phoenix Police Department
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Charley Project

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    Detectives look for new leads in 25-year-old case of missing Phoenix boy

    Myron Traylor would turn 38 this year, but nearly 25 years ago, he disappeared without a trace. It’s a case that captured the community’s attention and continues to raise questions, decades later.


    Although no one has been arrested, police say they do have an investigative lead in convicted killer Gettus Mintz. Police say Mintz was Myron's mother's boyfriend at the time of the teen's disappearance.

    Mintz is currently in prison, after he was convicted of stabbing and killing another woman in 2009.

    Detectives have tried to interview him about Traylor’s case, but haven’t succeeded. However, police say they consider him a person of interest.

    More: http://www.azfamily.com/news/Detecti...190326841.html

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    Myron Traylor: Valley 13-year-old went missing 25 years ago


    After seeing the story of the three missing women rescued from the Cleveland home, she said it gives her hope that, perhaps, Myron is alive.

    “It’s been so long,” she said as tears fell from her face. “We need to know.”

    Both of Myron’s parents have died since his disappearance.
    video & more at link

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    Myron Traylor Still Missing Without a Trace 27 Years Later
    Cold Case Spotlight
    Jul 24 2015, 6:10 pm ET

    According to a 1991 Phoenix News Times column, an employee remembers Myron ordering a wild-cherry drink and gulping it down in an instant. He ordered another, then headed back in the direction of his grandparents' home.
    The case attracted attention across the county in the years after Myron vanished. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children stated they estimate Myron's photo has been circulated or seen by 40 million homes nationwide. This has not led to a break in his case, with rumors swirling as to what became of the young man.
    More at link.

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    Myron Traylor vanishes in south Phoenix after a stop for soda pop in 1988


    The number of tips about Myron was much higher than the number in the other cases, said Phoenix police Detective Ron Jones, who was originally assigned to his case, in a 1990 interview with The Arizona Republic.

    One caller was persistent. He kept linking Mryon's disappearance to a "well-known crack dealer" in south Phoenix. The dealer had been bragging, in a drunken state, about recently molesting and murdering a child, the detective said.

    According to the tipster, the dealer had gotten into a fight with his wife on the same night Myron had disappeared. He went to a bar near the fish and chips shop, had gotten drunk and came across Myron.

    Sgt. John Locarni, had to step in at the time to discredit the tipster to the media.

    According to Locarni, the man was just trying to get revenge on a woman who had left him to go live with the dealer.
    As in most missing-children cases, fingers pointed to the family.

    But Myron’s father, Leroy Williams, was in prison at the time and Debbie passed a polygraph test given by detectives early on.

    Still, many who knew Myron tried to link his mother to his disappearance, questioning why she would let the boy leave on his own when she would usually stay with him at OK Fish & Chips.

    “All the information checked out,” Jones, the detective, told the media at the time. “These allegations on the mother aren’t supported.”
    Her sister, though, has doubts.

    According to Sandra, detectives later told the family that they thought Debbie had taken “something” to pass the test. They believed she somehow “rigged it.”

    “We all thought she might have been on something,” she said “But we were just worried about finding him. My sister … she was on drugs.”

    Debbie's boyfriend, Gettus Mintz, became a suspect.

    Police said Mintz was one of four witnesses who saw Myron at OK Fish & Chips the evening of Myron’s disappearance.

    Sandra said he came to the home on Pecan Road that night in a sling, claiming he had gotten bit by a dog before joining the search for Myron.
    In 2002, Debbie died of cancer.

    “She knew something …” Sandra said about her sister.

    Today, Mintz is serving a sentence for second-degree murder and aggravated assault. According to court records, he stabbed and killed a girlfriend in 2009 and attempted to kill her mother in Peoria.

    He was scheduled to be released in March 2047.

    Mintz has refused to be interviewed, according to Sandra.
    A big part of Sandra believes it’s important to have a place for her nephew to come home to one day.

    She thinks he might have returned recently, before leaving, she said.

    On Oct. 22, three men had come up to her door. The home doesn’t have a doorbell, so a loud bang on the security door had caught her attention.

    “My last name is Traylor and I’m here from Texas,” one of the men said. “My mamma told me I had a bunch of kinfolk out here, are you family?”

    But Sandra didn’t open the door. She was home alone and afraid.

    She asked the men to come back again to speak when someone was home with her. She squinted at the van as they drove off. In stickers on the side, it appeared to spell out “Traylor,” she said.

    But the men never came back.

    “Was that Myron?” she asked aloud. “I should’ve opened the door, right?

    “I was just confused. I’m mad at myself. What if that was him after all these years?”

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    still missing: Phoenix boy Myron Traylor, 13 vanished in plain sight in south Phoenix on July 27, 1988 after grabbing a soda pop on his way to his grandmother's house down the street.


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