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    KS - Kyle Lane Clay, 15 month old "drop kicked", Dodge City, Oct 1984

    Dodge City, KS

    Kyle Clay no charges in his 84 deathKyle Clay died 10/8/1984 due to blunt force trauma.His injuries were described as being consistent with being drop kicked. He was 15 months old and alone with the mother's boyfriend.

    Unfortunately the ONLY references I've been able to locate are blogs and was able to verify his death through cemetery records. Have not found an obituary, NOTHING! I couldn't even find him in the SSDI.

    Perhaps more experienced sleuthers can help?
    but, what if .... ?

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    I found nothing either. WTF? If he was alone with the mothers boyfriend then it reasons that the boyfriend did it. Please someone in the Dodge City, KS area give us any news you have. Poor baby...this world can be so cruel.
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    How sad breaks my heart how people hurt innocent babies instead of choosing um idk ADOPTION. RIP lovely baby boy your not forgotten.

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