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    FL - State refuses aid to molested foster child, judge says


    In the latest skirmish over Florida’s tattered safety net, a judge says the state is denying help to foster children who are in dire need of mental health services.

    The 16-year-old girl is being raised by the state because she was repeatedly molested, first by her father and, later, by her grandfather. She has endured so much anguish that she has been diagnosed with the same illness as many combat veterans, post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Her therapists say she desperately needs residential psychiatric care. State healthcare administrators refuse to pay for it — saying she is a drug addict, not a child in need of mental healthcare.

    In the latest clash between Florida’s embattled healthcare agency and children’s advocates, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Michael Hanzman is accusing the Agency for Health Care Administration of concocting misleading mental health evaluations to avoid providing basic and necessary services for children in state care.

    “This court has been increasingly concerned that dependent children are being denied much-needed treatment for mental health disorders — contrary to the first stated purpose of [child welfare law], which is to provide for the care, safety and protection of children,” Hanzman wrote.

    More at link.......

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    It seems totally idiotic to save money from children's mental health care. For the most part severely damaged kids aren't going to miraculously get better on their own without treatment and helping them while they still could be helped would in many cases be a lot cheaper than the costs of whichever problems they are going to have in the future.

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    snipped fro the OP link

    Her therapists say she desperately needs residential psychiatric care. State healthcare administrators refuse to pay for it — saying she is a drug addict, not a child in need of mental healthcare.
    Um, my question is, since when does being a drug addict mean you don't have mental health problems????

    IME people on drugs are often self medicating their mental health issues.

    That line of reasoning makes zero sense to me.

    Shame on Florida.
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    Being able to find a therapist to treat a teen that is probably on medicaid seems pretty miraculous in itself, imo. Meanwhile, the article said that the girl ran away again.

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    Poor girl has no reason to trust people - no wonder she escapes through drugs and running away. Florida state healthcare agencies have "i$$ue$' over paying out money for heallth care, no matter how badly this girl needs long-term mental health treatment.
    Those agencies will keep dodging the responsibility for this girl until she reaches 18, and then they will cut her lose, turn her out to the wolves.
    I hope she findsa way to survive and overcome her traumas, but she can't go it alone.

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    Thank God for the children’s advocates, and Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Michael Hanzman who seems to realize exactly what has been going on and not agreeing to the BS as so many other judges do!!Hopefully they will be forced to do the right thing by these children. I just hope it is in time to save this poor 16 yr old, but most likely it won't be.
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