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    The Locked Room

    LA - Angela Ball, 29, New Orleans, 22 July 2009

    Angela Erin Ball, a dancer on Bourbon Street, was found dead in the vacant City Hall Annex building on Canal Street on July 23, 2009.

    "Authorities have leaned toward concluding that Ball committed suicide. But her friends and family are troubled by some of the details. A self-inflicted cut on the neck seems improbable. The coroner's chief investigator said Ball's purse wasn't found. She wasn't lying near a blade or glass shard that she could have used to cut herself. According to friends, Ball was found clutching a strand of hair that detectives think may have belonged to someone else."

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    It was ruled a homicide.


    A man she had a relationship was later wanted for questioning as a POI, but I'm guessing that went nowhere.


    That seems to be the last article relating to her death on the internet. It doesn't seem like anyone is in a rush to solve her murder, it's very sad.

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    There was another article in June, 2010, when Frosch was arrested for burglarizing a bar. The comments are quite interesting.

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    I read the June article relating to Frosch yesterday, I agree the comments are interesting. I'm wondering what became of the strand of hair? I'm guessing with it being a strand, that it means it was long and if it's not Angela's hair then could it be another woman's hair?(or a man with long hair) The comments in the June article mention other women, and allegedly one of them (according to the comments) burnt Angela's stuff.

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    I was looking at the lyrics to a song when I noticed a comment by someone who claims to be the sister of Erin Ball. Probably not much help, but interesting. Here's the link:http://www.lyreka.com/song/the-weekn...-night-lyrics/
    The user is NatashaB.
    The story is quite sad.

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