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    Smile Hello Kitty Space Flight

    Here's a nice story about a girl in California who made the best science project ever, sending Hello Kitty way way up to space, 17 miles up! At that altitude, the balloon burst (as expected), then the parachute worked perfectly, and Hello Kitty landed safely, 47 miles away from the launch site. Just amazing!

    This is on lots of websites now, here's one story about it:

    And the video:

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    When the mind is allowed freedom to imagine and create, the moon is reached, and the stars just take a bit longer.

    God bless her, her support folks and family...and what a phenomenal video...especially with Hello Kitty and a breast cancer ribbon.

    I am left to wonder what any possible aliens might think.

    Herding Cats
    When you find yourself in the position to help somebody, do not feel burdened. Rather, feel happy and blessed because God is answering that person's prayer through you. In that moment, you are God's Angel - His door to reach through and bring light to someone who is struggling in the darkness.

    Be God's Light. Be God's love. Be an answered prayer. Be God's Door.

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    This was great! Thank you for sharing!
    There is Good Grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.

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