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    Monty Python-esque "Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog" attack cars at Denver International

    Rabbits Wreaking Havoc On Cars At DIA
    DENVER (CBS4) Travelers have a warning for drivers who park their cars near Denver International Airport (DIA). Rabbits are chewing the wires under many cars costing owners a lot of money. The rabbits get in and chew the brake lines, the clutch lines and other wiring. Local car repair shops estimates they can do thousands of dollars in damage.

    “When I had the trouble with the oil light coming on, the dealer told me the wires that controlled the air conditioning were chewed,” said Ken Blum, one car owner who knows all about the not so funny bunny business at DIA.

    Blum has had to have repairs done on his car twice due to rabbit damage and he estimates the cost at approximately $700.
    more at the link, with a video of the alleged culprits

    The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog (Wiki)

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    Holy canoli - the extensively footnoted Wiki article is hilarious. What EVER did we do before the internet?????

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    bunny...... .....

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    Bunnies taking toll on cars at Denver airport
    Associated Press – Fri, Feb 15, 2013

    DENVER (AP)Silly rabbits.

    The furry creatures are wreaking havoc on cars parked at Denver International Airport by eating spark plug cables and other wiring....

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