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    NY - Former foster child sues DYFS over alleged sex abuse

    A man who claims he was sexually abused as a foster child has sued the Division of Youth and Family Services, claiming he was forced to share a bedroom with a known sexual predator.

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    He can find a lawyer at 22 but can't find a telephone at 11?

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    An 11 year old foster child does not have the abilities of an adult in trying to get himself help.
    If he was being housed with a known sexual preditor, then whoever placed him there was wrong!
    I work with some known sexual preditors and they are not allowed access to others they would go after, I would never so much as turn my back on one of them with an 11 year old, much less close a bedroom door.
    this is just my opinion, it may be wrong, user beware!

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    Didn't have access to a phone? Hell, he was in a house full of people ...point is...THEY all let this happen. Let me ask you something...you didn't think an 11yr. old boy was phsycologically threatened and paralyzed with fear? Who, pray tell would have helped him? More strangers? It was the people in charge of his care who CARED LESS!
    So many clowns, too few circuses.

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