I found another photo for a MP who is listed in NamUs with a no-photo casefile. I found it among the freshmen in the 1971 Warsaw (NY) High School yearbook. The book shows portraits only for the seniors. The underclassmen are shown in group photos. Unfortunately, the 1974 book wasn't available, so I could not obtain his senior portrait.

The photo is very poor quality and was taken 8 years prior to his disappearance, but you can get a general sense of what he looked like. It appears that there is some assymetry in his face, and he might have a problem with his left eye, though none of this is mentioned in his NamUs casefile.

NamUs MP # 9602

James Dean Knox

(Knox, circa 1971, approximately 14-15 years old, and approximately 8 years prior to his disappearance)

Date Last Seen December 09, 1979
Location LKA Warsaw, New York
Age LKA 24
Circumstances Despondent over health problems.

Vital Stats
Height 71 inches (5'11")
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Red plaid jacket, blue jeans, Black boots, plastic rimmed glasses

DNA Not Available
Dentals Not Available
Fingerprints Not Available