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    IA - Maureen Brubaker Farley, 17, Cedar Rapids, Sept 1971


    On Friday, September 24, 1971, two young boys out hunting discovered a woman’s body atop the trunk lid of an abandoned car in a wooded ravine near Cedar Rapids’ southwest edge. The victim was 17-year-old Maureen Brubaker Farley, a newly married woman not much older than the boys who found her

    Missing, too, were several pairs of shoes: a pair of yellow patent leather dress shoes; white work shoes; brown sandals; brown moccasins. Vanous made it clear that if anyone found any of the missing items, they were to report to police where the items were found and when.
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    There are a couple of contradictions in the article. For one, how her body came to be on the car:
    Assistant Cedar Rapids police chief Kenneth Vanous said they believed Mrs. Farley’s death occurred at a place other than where the boys discovered her body. Investigators theorized the young woman had been thrown from a passing vehicle and crashed through heavy vegetation onto the car’s trunk.
    the article then goes on to say:
    Though answers to many questions still elude the family, there is one thing they find comforting, albeit in a quite unusual way; the killer placed Maureen’s body atop the car rather than leaving her in the dirt where she may not have been found for months.
    also a comment from the letter written by Violet Fowler, the mother of one of the boys who found Maureen to her mother:
    As to why she was put on the trunk of the car there have been many theories.From the position of her body it is possible she crawled up onto the car rather than out of the ditch in her weakened condition
    Also fascinating in this article are the comments at the bottom including a few from "Kevin" one of the boys who found her.

    I'm a little confused though about some of her personal items that were missing. The article states:
    Farley’s purse, one of the items missing, contained a driver’s license altered to show she was 21 years old. Other more common items in the purse included make-up articles, rent receipts, family photos, a picture of a marine in uniform, a social security card and a green order pad from the restaurant she carried to make notes.

    Also in the purse was a leather wallet with red velvet lining her husband David had made for her at the reformatory.

    The purse was described as a brown vinyl bag with two straps and side pockets. It also had a red velvet lining, Vanous said.

    Strangely enough, however, the only article of clothing missing from Farley’s body was her shoes. Her feet were clean, indicating she was not going barefooted when she died.

    Missing, too, were several pairs of shoes: a pair of yellow patent leather dress shoes; white work shoes; brown sandals; brown moccasins. Vanous made it clear that if anyone found any of the missing items, they were to report to police where the items were found and when.
    BBM~ Where were these items? In her purse that was missing? Missing from her room? Was she carrying another bag? The article doesn't give any indication.

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    We need more clarification really. Those shoes are a puzzle.

    One of the posters (Kim) on the original article has added a theory that might explain the shoes. I'm more inclined to think he returned to her room and took the shoes after the murder.
    Also, the man who was there watching Kevin and his friend, that's odd. Kim thinks it would be unlikely that he happened to be there just as she was found, but I'm still thinking stranger things have happened.
    I think Maureen's sister posted on the blog, she would know more.

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    This guy had links to Cedar Rapids, some articles were found in his possession that belonged to two missing girls from there.

    Gerard John Schaefer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    News article
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    I'm a little baffled, too, about how they knew the contents of the purse -- had someone seen inside it recently who was able to tell LE what she most likely would have been carrying?

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    I don't know Backwoods but somebody knew what shoes were missing too. I doubt it was a random guess.

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    Remembering Maureen Brubaker Farley: https://www.facebook.com/Remembering...BrubakerFarley

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    One of the many murder victiims found without shoes...

    For more than four decades, Schenzel and her family have been left with questions: Why was Farley, only 17 years old, killed? Who did it? Will an arrest ever be made or a suspect positively identified?

    Farley’s body was found on the trunk lid of a car by two boys who had gone hunting that day. At first, they assumed the woman was asleep.

    The cause of death was determined to be a blow to her head.

    Police said she borrowed money that day to buy a pack of cigarettes, but never showed up to collect her paycheck from the restaurant where she worked. Part of the pack of cigarettes was found in her room.

    Police said when Farley’s body was found, her shoes were missing, and there was evidence she had been placed on the car. Her purse also was missing.

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