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    Angry Aaron, 9, ‘bullied to death for being white

    Aaron, 9, ‘bullied to death for being white

    Really sicjening. Bullies are no different from terrorists.

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    Very sad. I'm especially disgusted with the school principal's, or equivilant of, statement clearly indicating he is just going to look the other way.

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    “I went to see head Martin Collin a few times, but he only said, ‘You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here’.”

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage...#ixzz2LqaETdpO

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    Just a word of caution: The Sun and other British tabloids are not known for accurate reporting, particularly where ethnic minorities are concerned.

    The inquest into the death opened last week - the police say they are still investigating the bullying allegations:


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