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    CA - Manson man Bruce Davis up for parole

    I'm somewhat ambivalent about today's possible action by the California Governor to parole Manson follower Bruce Davis who was convicted of killing one Manson victim, and possibly two.

    True enough, he is a model prisoner, and has been incarcerated for 40 years, and it is also true that he has served far longer than most murderers.

    What are your feelings?
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    SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday blocked parole for Bruce Davis, a former follower of notorious killer Charles Manson.

    Brown said in his written decision he did not believe Davis, who is in prison for taking part in two Manson family murders, "was just a reluctant follower who passively went along with the violence."

    "Until Davis can acknowledge and explain why he actively championed the family's interests and shed more light on the nature of his involvement," Brown went on, "I am not prepared to release him."

    Works for me.

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    A couple years ago I spent many weeks researching and chasing up a pile of Manson followers using their known aliases, most of these being gathered during police raids on the Spahn Ranch and at other arrests.

    I don't have my notes handy, but I can say that I found some disturbing facts out about the cult's behaviour in the decades Manson's been in jail. And there's a lot of bogus stuff surrounding those aliases, including what I am hoping is not elderly people being killed for their ID but I am not sure enough on that to say more about it yet...

    I hope Davis never gets out because:

    1/ I think he should rot for his crimes.
    2/ there's a pile of insane people waiting for any of the Manson followers to get out of prison, and there's bound to be serious trouble.
    3/ I think Davis is a sociopath who is putting on a brilliant show in order to get released. He supports Manson still, and I don't trust him, or any of those kooks who remain/have become devoted to the cult.

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    I remain ambivalent. I see all of your points. This comes down to rehabilitation vs. retribution. I believe in both.

    I've read a lot about the Mason clan, and wondered where they all were. I found some of them, but not all. They are out there though, and I believe they are still hot for Charlie.

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    Rehabilitated or not, I have no problem with keeping premeditated murderers locked up for life.

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    No problem here. If I remember correctly, they were all to be put to death till the law was changed.

    Keep him till death.


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    Susan Adkins died a year or so back without being granted any parole. Tex Watson has been repeatedly denied parole. Patricia Krenwinkel (sic) and Leslie Van Houten will likely never be paroled due to the continuing efforts of Sharon Tate's sister. Manson doesn't even show up for parole hearings any longer and is not scheduled for another till he'd be in his late 90's.

    Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme and Sandra Good have been paroled. The rest of them are scattered throughout the country.

    I have no problem with them remaining where they are, but I do wonder fi there is a point to supposed rehabilitation of cold blooded killers, regardless of whose spell they were under at the time.

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    CA - Manson man Bruce Davis again recommended for parole


    Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis wins recommendation for parole

    Charles Manson associate Bruce Davis is again a step closer to being freed from prison, but a review board or California Gov. Jerry Brown must approve before the convicted murderer can be paroled.

    Davis, 72, has won four recommendations for release from the California parole board as of the board's decision Thursday. Three earlier decisions for his release were later reversed by California governors.
    more at link above

    Earlier on WS....

    Bruce Davis, former Manson family member recommended for parole

    Bruce Davis, Manson murderer, granted parole -- rescinded by Gov. Brown

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    Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis denied parole: Manson family member murdered 2

    Gov. Jerry Brown has rejected parole for a third time for a follower of cult leader Charles Manson 46 years after a series of bloody murders rocked Southern California.


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    It is amazing to me how long Davis and Manson have lived considering their previous lifestyles and 40+ years in prison.
    "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it."
    - John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany

    Unless I provide a link or refer to a specific link, all my ramblings are theories, speculation, scenarios based on what info is available and my own unique life experiences.

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