Concentration camp survivor, Resistance fighter and the man who
inspired the Occupy movement: Stephane Hessel dies at age of 95
(Daily Mail)
Stephane Hessel, the concentration camp survivor who inspired the Occupy Wall Street movement has died aged 95.

Mr Hessel who was a member of the French resistance passed away overnight in Paris according to his wife.

As a spy for the French Resistance, he survived the Nazi death camp at Buchenwald by assuming the identity of a French prisoner who was already dead.
And at age 93, after a distinguished but relatively anonymous life, he published a slim pamphlet that even he expected would be little more than a vanity project.

But Mr Hessel's 32-page Time for Outrage sold millions of copies across Europe, tapping into a vein of popular discontent with capitalism and transforming him into an intellectual superstar within weeks.

Translated into English, the pocket-sized book became a source of inspiration for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In the book, Mr Hessel urges young people to take inspiration from the anti-Nazi resistance to which he once belonged and rally against what he saw as the newest evil: The love of money.
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Telegraph obit:

Stéphane Hessel
Stéphane Hessel, who has died aged 95, was a half-Jewish German who became a French citizen, joined the Resistance in London and survived capture by the Gestapo and a death sentence in a concentration camp. He later helped to frame the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , and, in his nineties, became a bestselling author.