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    "We Found Our Son on the Subway"

    From one of the New York Times's blogs. So nice to see one of these abandoned-child stories having a happy ending.

    Danny called me that day, frantic. “I found a baby!” he shouted. “I called 911, but I don’t think they believed me. No one’s coming. I don’t want to leave the baby alone. Get down here and flag down a police car or something.” By nature Danny is a remarkably calm person, so when I felt his heart pounding through the phone line, I knew I had to run.

    When I got to the A/C/E subway exit on Eighth Avenue, Danny was still there, waiting for help to arrive. The baby, who had been left on the ground in a corner behind the turnstiles, was light-brown skinned and quiet, probably about a day old, wrapped in an oversize black sweatshirt ....

    Three months later, Danny appeared in family court to give an account of finding the baby. Suddenly, the judge asked, “Would you be interested in adopting this baby?” The question stunned everyone in the courtroom, everyone except for Danny, who answered, simply, “Yes.”

    “But I know it’s not that easy,” he said.

    “Well, it can be,” assured the judge before barking out orders to commence with making him and, by extension, me, parents-to-be.

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    I just got done reading this article - and was going to post it. What a great story!

    I loved this line: "Before we could say, 'What's Desitin,' we were nursing a third-degree, untreated diaper rash (left over from his foster home), changing diapers, and boiling nipples"

    But, I hope that "foster home" is no longer!!

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    It's an amazing story. Well worth the read! Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh goodness, pass the tissue... very uplifting, without a doubt.

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    OMG- how wonderful...thank you so much for posting. Just beautiful. Miracles do happen to people, every day...
    My posts are and believe it or not I've put some thought into 'em.

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    The world needs more judges - and kind people - just like this.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elphaba View Post
    Oh goodness, pass the tissue... very uplifting, without a doubt.
    Pass them to me please when you are done? Love this story!

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