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    CA: Fryer, Renee Marie Age: 45 / DOB: 11/2/1964

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    According to birth index her mother's surname was Malena.

    I think this is the marriage info for her parents

    Name: Lee W Fryer
    Name Prefix:
    Name Suffix:
    Event Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 15 Jan 1960
    Event Place: Imperial, California
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Birth Year (Estimated): 1920
    Spouse's Name: Helena R Malena
    Spouse's Name Prefix:
    Spouse's Name Suffix:
    Spouse's Age: 37
    Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1923

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    Helena R Malena also listed as Helena R Schmuhl. I'm guessing that Malena is maiden name, Schmuhl is surname of a previous husband.

    Her father Lee William Fryer was born 21 October 1919 and died 18 November 2007 in Upland. He may have been born in Oklahoma. In 1920 and 1930 censuses he was in Oklahoma, in 1940 he is already in California as a lodger.

    Here Lee W Fryer is on the 1920 census:

    SELF Dennis C Fryer M 36y Kentucky
    WIFE Martha H Fryer F 36y Iowa
    DAU Florence Fryer F 13y Oklahoma
    SON Alfred Fryer M 10y Oklahoma
    SON Lynn Fryer M 8y Oklahoma
    SON Jessie Fryer M 7y Oklahoma
    DAU Matilda Fryer F 5y Oklahoma
    DAU Marie Fryer F 5y Oklahoma
    DAU Myrtie Fryer F 3y10m Oklahoma
    SON Albert Fryer M 2y Oklahoma
    SON Lee Fryer M 2m Oklahoma

    by 1930 the household is:

    Head D C Fryer M 38 Kentucky
    Son Lynn Fryer M 19 Oklahoma
    Son J C Fryer M 17 Oklahoma
    Daughter Marie Fryer F 16 Oklahoma
    Daughter Miteldia Fryer F 16 Oklahoma
    Daughter Myrtie Fryer F 15 Oklahoma
    Son Albert Fryer M 13 Oklahoma
    Son Lee Fryer M 10 Oklahoma
    Daughter Gladys Fryer F 8 Oklahoma

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    Out of all of Lee Fryer's (Renee Marie Fryer's Father) many siblings, the only one still living is Ms. Gladys Fryer Kennedy who lives in Colorado Springs. As far as I can tell Renee Marie never had any children of her own and I did not try to dig deeper into her mother's (Helena Ruth Malena Fryer) ancestry since it was easier to concentrate my search on her father's side since names are less likely to change with males than with females. I will message Raine with contact information for Ms. Gladys.

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