They call themselves the “Black Flag Family.” Bristol Township police call them wannabe armed robbers.

Bristol Township police say five of the "family" members robbed a teenager last month after he got off a school bus on Aspen Lane. One member allegedly fired a gun at the kid but missed.

Throughout the week, police reportedly arrested four members of the reputed family and a 17-year-old Newtown Township girl, who police say drove one of two cars to the alleged robbery. An arrest warrant has been issued for a fifth Bristol Township man, the girl’s boyfriend.

Police also believe some of the group's members might be responsible for other crimes in the township, and an investigation is continuing.

"This Black Flag Family has caused a lot of chaos in our town,” Bristol Township Lt. Terry Hughes said, adding that the joint investigation is being conducted by Bristol Township and Bensalem police with help from Middletown police.