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    Australia - Elijah Fisher, 7 mos, drowned in river, Eagleby, Qld, 23 June 2012

    June 25, 2012

    Elijah Rainbow Fisher was the baby boy his parents had been waiting for.

    But his short life ended on Saturday night when, police allege, his father David Fisher walked 1km from the family home at Eagleby, pushing his son in a pram, before falling from a pedestrian bridge at Brisbane's Logan River Parklands with Elijah in his arms.

    His father surfaced, but seven-month-old Elijah was lost in the swirling water.

    Police will allege Fisher walked back to his home to tell the boy's mother, Lauren Fisher, and Elijah's four older sisters what had happened.

    "Elijah's drowned. Elijah's gone,'' he allegedly told her.


    Just more than an hour later, Mrs Fisher posted
    a heart-rending online farewell:
    "I was so blessed to meet Elijah Rainbow. 26.11.11 - 23.06.12. I love you, little one. Go with God,'' she tweeted.


    June 25, 2012

    The almost seven-month-old baby was killed
    when he and his father plunged 15 metres into the Logan River at Beenleigh, south of Brisbane, before 6.45pm on Saturday.

    The father survived and was charged with the baby's murder
    yesterday morning after police divers recovered the young boy's body about 9.30am.


    The heartbroken Perth grandfather of a baby allegedly drowned by his father in Queensland has described Elijah Rainbow Fisher as "the precious son" his parents had long wanted.

    Victor Bissett told the Courier-Mail newspaper that before his daughter Lauren Fisher joined the frantic search for her son on Saturday night she had called her mother Stephanie with the distressing news.

    Mrs Fisher reportedly told her mother: "Elijah has drowned. I need you to come up now."


    Family members said Mr Fisher had been "wailing and screaming" when the calls were made.


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    Brief breakdown of the points of the case:


    June 28, 2012

    Minister Pru Goward has called for a formal briefing about her department's failure to find a transient family of seven despite receiving repeated calls reporting concerns for the family's welfare.


    Her husband and Elijah's father, David Fisher, has now been charged with the murder of Elijah after the pair fell into a river from a Queensland bridge on Saturday night.


    July 16, 2012

    The case of a father accused of murdering his six-month-old son shortly after returning from an extended stay in New Zealand is likely to continue in the jurisdiction of the Queensland mental health court.

    David Fisher, 38, has been held in a mental health facility since he was arrested
    and charged with the murder of his only son, Elijah Rainbow, on June 23.


    July 17, 2012 -

    Two months after Baby Elijah was born, Mrs Fisher tweeted: "So thankful for David who manages the kids 100% except for feeding the baby."


    "I miss my baby. I miss my husband."

    "Not only have I lost my baby boy - my precious son - but our girls have lost their brother and their father."


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    July 1, 2012

    She describes walking with Elijah strapped in a sling to her back and one of her four young daughters.

    "I was still wearing Elijah in the sling when we walked into Beenleigh, cutting across the cemetary (sic) as we did so,'' she writes.

    "(My daughter) and I spoke again about death and I expressed that although we don't understand the timing of deaths in our lives, it is always good.

    "(My daughter) asked if someone in our family died, would that be good? I replied in the affirmative, saying that nothing happens that is not good.

    "This I said to her, believing that death was far from our family, and yet now that it has knocked on our door, I believe no differently.''


    July 8, 2012

    Mother holds 'glorious day out' in memory of her son


    Since the 6-month-old plummeted to his death in the swirling Logan River in the darkness of June 23 – allegedly while in the arms of his New Zealand-born father David – her grieving process has not adhered to convention.


    ....Fisher can not comprehend the 38-year-old's actions and wrote of how her 4-year-old told a grandfather last week: "My daddy's not coming back until I'm a lady. Will you be my daddy?"

    Since Fisher was taken into custody she had only had supervised access to her daughters, so yesterday's informal "unfuneral" at Beenleigh, 34km south of Brisbane, was a joyous occasion.


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    January 30, 2013

    Grieving mum Lauren Fisher say she's found acceptance after baby son's death

    Lauren Fisher knows some people will never understand her ability to forgive and to accept that her husband has been charged with the death of their baby son.

    Nor understand her approach to life. But, for Lauren, it is simple - she simply accepts what cannot be changed.


    March 5, 2013

    Fisher, who is being held in a high security mental health unit, was to have appeared in Beenleigh Magistrates Court by video link on Tuesday.

    However the court was told he was unable to appear.


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    Memorial Facebook:


    The Blog (which was linked in many of the news articles above but I know I put a lot of links up there!)


    My only warning is to PLEASE be aware that there are things on the blog that may offend or upset.

    There are pictures of Elijah after his death.
    (June 26, 2012 entry and anything that says "lifeless" is not good to click on if you don't want to see those.)

    This is a nomadic family. Elijah was born in the wilderness. They don't do very many things conventionally.

    There are many theories thrown around as to why David did this.

    Lauren believes this was a mental issue with David, though she doesn't specify what kind of mental issue.

    Some have suggested some sort of religious "sacrifice" of the first son.

    Some have said it could have been as simple as wanting life to go back to normal.
    Lauren had PPD with Elijah... so perhaps David saw him as the source of the problem.

    People have even suggested a possible accident... but when you look at the bridge it's a pretty hard thing to believe.

    Regardless of theories or suspicions... It isn't often there is a record of the victim's entire life...
    It is not very often that we have a nearly 20 year record of the suspects life. (The blog goes back to 1994.)
    That's what we have here... and I'm hoping to get some insight into this tragedy.

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    The picture of the mother holding Elijah in her arms made me cry, what a horrible moment that must have been for her.
    She does sound like a very strong woman and I hope she can stay that way for her daughters. I think I would have gone CRAZY had my own husband killed my baby. If you can't even trust your own husband with your kids, then who can you trust? Very scary thought.

    I hope Elijahs mom and sisters can find peace after this horrible loss and remember the time they did have with this beautiful boy. Forgiving the father is probably the best way to go on with their lifes (and not let the hate destroy them), but wow, that is quite a thing. It's just...I don't know...what a sad story

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    Wow, wow, wow

    Some of the blogs are just too much. Some sounds so spiritual and then others I want to scream.

    I feel for those little girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krisy View Post
    Wow, wow, wow

    Some of the blogs are just too much. Some sounds so spiritual and then others I want to scream.

    I feel for those little girls!
    I have read a lot of that blog in the past and sometimes I just felt that she was quite cold towards the children. I had to stop reading it, as I couldn't cope.

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    Such a tragic thing to accept. RIP Sweet.Baby.Elijah.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    I've been reading her blog for a very long time. To put it mildly, she is one strange cookie. Worst of all, she posted pics of the bridge to her blog at almost the exact time of Elijah's death. She also speaks as if she and husband David are still one and have a future together.. "we this" and "we that". Freejingerdotorg discusses the family extensively. Many suspect she knew much more about her husband's likelihood of danger to their children. There are youtube videos as well.

    It's so sad that she wants to be nothing but "sparkly" when all of this is so, so cheerless and depressing.

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    This case is being discussed on many different boards.
    I have also been reading her blog for a very long time.
    Homesteaders and nomadic people catch my attention often.

    I was quite worried about her after Elijah's birth... she was not doing well.
    Several people thought Lauren did it when we heard of Elijah's death... her PPD was pretty bad.
    We were all shocked to find out David was the one accused. His son... He delivered Elijah himself.

    When Lauren says that she simply accepts what cannot be changed... I get that, because I'm the same way.

    I just can't imagine accepting my husband killed my baby, forgiving him AND inviting him back into life with my other kids.

    Lauren has definitely accepted the situation and moved on. She did that very quickly.
    She NEVER felt hate towards David.

    She has explained that she feels this was a mental issue for David. This I presume is going to be his defense.


    They go to visit and David give his girls presents. She wants her husband to come home.
    She has not elaborated on how she knows her girls would be safe, if David were to come home.

    I do not know how the legal system works over there... so I don't know what the odds are of that happening.

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    For those local to the area....
    I believe David is being tried through mental health court or something like that.
    Is that the reason there is very little news on this case?

    Elijah should have turned 2 years old in November.

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    If it is like Victoria he maybe is in a Forensic unit because of the inability to be tried because of his mental health issues. At Victoria's Thomas Embling Forensic unit they are kept for 7 years before they have any hope of going to their rehab unit to prepare them to go back into the community. They must be stabilized before this happens. There are a lot of patients who will never come out. Some people cannot be medicated sufficiently to be released.

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    Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm I will have to read more of the blog. I saw some odd things. I know time and time again we discuss how everyone reacts differently when something horrible happens.

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    Just read that the accused has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and drug offences and has been sentenced, and will be eligible for parole on December 22 this year.


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