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    WI Child Biten On Face By "Human"

    The babysitter asked Anthony Hansen what happened to the four year olds face? His answer was the dog bit the child. The babysitter called police and when questioned the brilliant 21 year old said the child fell.

    When questioned the poor kid said Hansen did the biting because the child was not potty trained.


    Mugshot of full *** grown man who bites kids.

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    boy you are a virtual cornucopia of cases this morning Filly. A font of freaks.

    I can't find any story which tells what his relationship is to the 4 year victim. Is he the father, a bf of the child's mother.

    Just by looking at him and the expression on his face in the mugshot, I would not find him, at first glance, someone I might trust my child with.

    Wondering who he is to this child, because if he is the father, his parental rights need to be severed.
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    Wow, sounds like Kiesha. Adult biting child out of anger/frustration/whatever.


    Hopefully this kid doesn't go back and end up dead like Kiesha.

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