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    TX - Houston, BlkMale UP11022, 40-60, pill vial labeled 'Edward Johnson', Feb'13

    This decedent was found under a highway bridge with a drug bottle that was prescribed to Edward Johnson. It sounds too easy but the name is rather generic and maybe it's an alias or they weren't his drugs.

    He had short, curly, salt and pepper hair, a short beard and mustache, a scar on right shin and two moles on left cheek. 71 inches and 280 pounds.

    There is a postmortem photo in Namus:
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    One ruleout listed at NamUs:
    Derrick Daniels YOB: 1972 State LKA: Texas

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    I wonder what the medication was.

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    Me too, CCart. I really wonder what else was on the label.

    I spent a lot of time working in county hospitals and different ERs in Houston and I don't recall ever seeing posters of UIDs. Granted this was before my involvement at WS but I know I would have been interested if I had seen bulletins of some sort.

    A couple of posters in some break rooms and up at the med/nursing school lounges might really help to get these people identified, IMO.

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    I would like to know where the prescription came from - which pharmacy? If it had a label with a name on it it should have the name of the prescribing doctor on it, as well. And was it a prescription for blood pressure meds or something like that that someone would be unlikely to have without a prescription? Or something like OxyContin, which is much more likely to be stolen/sold and therefore not his real name?

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    Step One would be to find Edward Johnson I suppose.
    I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

    Lily Tomlin

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