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    ^ She had been calling home every day while on her trip. So my best guess is, she was last seen by someone in LA on the 26th; but she was still phoning home afterward (albeit, technically unseen). Either that, or future sightings of her weren't reported at the time CBS posted their story (i.e. witnesses came forward after the story was published).

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    I've been trying to wrap my head around the dates...

    According to LAPD, Elisa arrived in LA on January 26th. Contrary to this, her Tumblr blog indicates she was still at her previous location, and about to go out to a "Speakeasy" and expresses the desire that no "creeps" "hound" her.

    On January 27th, Elisa tells us that she lost *A* (not her) phone at the "Speakeasy" (#and it's not even mine #it's my friends)

    According to the LADP, Elisa checked into the Stay on Main on January 28th
    According to her Tumblr blog, she checked into the Stay on Main on January 29th, unaware that it was contained within the Cecil

    Elisa was due to depart the Cecil on January 31st. This bugs me. If she was indeed due to depart on the 31st, why was she still there in the morning hours of February 1st? Her key card should not have worked. It should have deactivated in the morning/afternoon of January 31st, whatever checkout time the Cecil/Stay on Main follows. She would have had to go down to the front desk to have her key re-coded and extended for a night. None of this is ever mentioned in the news articles.

    While I do believe this to be an accidental death, I still want some clarification on all of these dates.

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    I have one myth to bury, and one question.

    1) The Last Bookstore does indeed have their DNS name show up as located in Burnaby, BC. However, so do a lot of websites. They registered their DNS through In2net Network Inc. via doteasy.com, both of which have the same address and are headquartered in ... Burnaby, BC. When registering, the Last Bookstore added an option to keep their personal information out of the DNS record, possibly to avoid getting spammed. The DNS contact information for anyone doing this then will show up as RegistrantPrivacy.com (likely another In2net subsidiary), whose mailing address is a PO Box also in Burnaby.

    If you still think this is too much of a coincidence and has to be some conspirary, I'll just leave this here:

    Whois & Quick Stats
    Registrant Org: RegistrantPrivacy.com is associated with ~34,377 other domains

    2) I have been searching without success for any evidence that the LAM-ELISA test is something in common use for tuberculosis testing, let alone "the test for TB". The top links for tuberculosis testing all mention the tuberculin skin test or TST as the most common identification. Searching for LAM-ELISA specifically, I have to filter out a lot of Elisa Lam conspiracy theories to find just a few mentions of it connected with TB. Most of those are clinical trials, and are from 2013 or later. The general conclusions are that it may be one useful test in HIV patients because of low CD4 counts that make other tests difficult.

    Can anyone in the field clear this up? If a patient came to you suspected of TB, would a LAM ELISA test be part of your toolkit? Would it have been used at all to identify infections in Skid Row in 2013?

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