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    CA - Two killed, 6 injured by 'Western Bandit', Los Angeles, 2011-2014

    The transgender woman who was killed in Hollywood with a single gunshot to the chest last night has been identified today by the L.A. County Coroner as Nathan Henry Vickers, 32. However, according to LGBT blog Frontiers LA, the victim preferred to go by Cassidy Nathan Vickers.
    >>> more here, as reported at the time <<<

    LAPD released the following sketch of the suspect at the time.

    Now, fast forward to a few months ago and the LAPD are linking Cassidy's murder to a suspect they are calling the 'Western Bandit'.
    >>> Much more here <<<

    This guy is a maniac and needs to be stopped.

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    From earlier this month:


    Between November 2011 and December 2014, the man known as the “Western Bandit” shot eight people, killing two of them. He fired on many more. His only apparent motive, police said, was robbery...

    Patrick Watkins, 51, was charged Monday with 53 counts that included murder, attempted murder, and assault with a firearm, among others. He could face the death penalty if convicted...

    The latest of 23 crimes linked to the case was the fatal shooting of 56-year-old Larise Smith as he walked his dog on Dec. 8, 2014.

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