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    Quote Originally Posted by SyraKelly View Post
    Is there a place to read her journal in full & the text megs in full-TIA
    I 've only seen half pgs
    Sadly, no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsunvirtual View Post
    I would think simply adding bleach to that load shows she was deliberatly trying to destroy evidence. Therefore she was not in a fog.
    The day I was there, Nurmi had a forensics witness pull all of the items from the bleached load out of the evidence bag one by one. The point was to show that all of the clothes in that load didn't have signs of having been bleached. So I don't think it's been proven that she added bleach to the load because there was some stuff, dark socks in particular, that didn't have any bleaching on them. I don't think it matters much, though, since she obviously tried to cover up her involvement in many, many other ways.

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    In a perpetual fog after watching the Jodi Arias trial for five months
    Quote Originally Posted by Schuby View Post
    I'm against it. These people aren't qualified investigators/interrogators. As much as I LOVE the skank question (and I truly do) I think it's kind of outrageous for a juror to be taunting a defendant in the middle of a trial. Not to mention it has the capacity to prejudice other jurors before they commence deliberations.
    I'm not sure if the juror was actually taunting the defendant. I think maybe the juror just wanted to hear from JA what that term meant to her, so that perhaps they could weigh why JA would consider that abusive.

    I'm sure if the judge had any doubt about why the question was asked, she would have disallowed it. Plus, I can't see the judge wanting to even ASK that if she didn't have to .
    “I can honestly say that I awake every single day happy. I am motivated by it. To make it a better day than the last. To go to bed better than I wake up, and to get up and do it again the next day. I feel as if it is the way to live. To have purpose. To have righteous desire to make this world a better place because you are in it." - Travis Alexander

    "Death comes to the innocent and it comes to the guilty. Death is the irreducible common denominator of all men."
    - Martin Luther King, Jr., Eulogy for the Martyred Children

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    A good lawyer usualy won't ask questions to a witness that he already does not know the answers to.
    Lawyers that are good like to play with defendant to never let them settle on a paticular thought.That way the defendant has a harder time figuring out exactly where the lawyer is going with a line of questioning.
    Juan knows exactly what hes doing and at key times in the trial he will throw something at the defendant and their defence team that will give them something to think about over the weekend.
    As Juan is sitting in court he has a team of helpers with the case that goes through everything with a fine tooth comb.
    These case helpers have been doing this for sometime already,checking bank statements,times of event,emails, texts,transaction reciepts, mileage,and hundreds of other things we the public haven't even thought of.
    I'm sure Juan will be saving the best proof for last(just before closing arguments)to make sure the jury knows before they deliberate that the murder was premeditated with out any doubt.
    Murder cases are like playing poker and you don't show your opposition your hand until the very end.

    Personaly I think Juan is doing a good job and I do believe he will spring his trap in due time,He still has the door wide open to bring up most anything he wants.
    Remember he has his own team that work behind the scenes.
    I also think premeditation will be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Our little Jodi will get what she deserves( If I did it I would beg for the death penalty).

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    Sorry if this has already been posted. Seems JA has a protégé!

    This is my opinion and my opinion only. I welcome all views and debates from any and all positions! To treat you with respect shows that I respect myself!

    Dear Caylee,
    I am so sorry that this earthbound effort to win justice for you failed so badly. But know we will NEVER forget you and never stop praying for the Universe to set this right for you. Rest In Peace Precious Little One

    Justice For Travis Alexander and Family!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irving View Post
    This is a question I would like to hear the jury ask this creature:

    Can you explain how a supposed homosexual pedophile would want to have a threesome with 2 adult women? And, you being one of those adult women, who stated that you "wouldn't necessarily say no to it?"

    (que the Jeopardy music)
    I'll take Total BS for 500 Alex.

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    let's not forget that all these photos had been deleted

    Quote Originally Posted by TorisMom003 View Post
    ATL, I'm not the OP but I agree that there is ONE photo that definately looks as if the flash was used while the others don't. It's the last photo of Travis sitting in the shower where he is facing the camera. The next photo taken was the one that shows his body sitting in the shower without showing his head, and the shower door was open for THIS photo where it was closed for all of the other photos. I think that Jodi used the flash for that full on face photo to "blind" Travis long enough to stab him in the chest.

    They were then sent through a washing machine cycle and could only be extracted by forensics. Frankly, I shocked they look as good as they do.

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    Gas cans

    1. She originally testified she bought extra gas because the prices were too high in CA.

    2. The she says she brought extra gas because she has never driven down the I-15.

    Which one is it Jodi??!
    "One man's logic is another man's crazy" - Rossi (Criminal Minds)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydni View Post
    I "think" I like the idea ... but am somewhat concerned that there is no "cut-off" point ....how long should they be able to go on ... and on ... and on ... and still get no answers. I guess because it is a DP case, they have to the let the jury get all of their questions in. They seem somewhat repetitive though ... The thing that I DO like about it is that the lawyers are able to follow up on the questions from the jury ... so (in a way) there is more "direct examination" and "cross examination". I think it's a good system (jury questions), but I'm thinking it should maybe be a one-step system ... and maybe not adding more questions after the original questions. I have to think on it some more ... I guess generally speaking, I like the idea ... Have I confused you ... cuz I've confused myself
    I feel exactly the same way. Will this trial ever end? What I do like though is the jury can ask her just about anything, where JM's hands are kind of tied (no pun intended)
    They HAVE to be sick of listening to her never ending answers after 17 days plus she is a pathalogical liar, why in the world would they want to ask her anything? I just don't get it And I keep thinking with them asking her questions, and with her answering them~ Could they possibly being unintentionally forming some kind of bond that will make it harder for them to give her the DP? Just thoughts ~
    Please feel free anyone to help me de-edify my thoughts

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    OOPS! My explanation of Occam's Razor was overly redundant--sorry--just saw the answers/responses clearing this up.

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    If I could be a juror, I would ask one question:

    "In hindsight, if you had known that Mimi Hall was not romantically interested in Travis, and told him so, would Travis still be alive today?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectvirgo View Post
    By JA's convenient 'aproxi-clock' it was light and she had lunch with RB. When pressed IIRC she wouldn't narrow further than between 10am amd 2pm for lunch.
    BBM: love THAT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furiously_Following View Post
    OOPS! My explanation of Occam's Razor was overly redundant--sorry--just saw the answers/responses clearing this up.

    Don't be sorry, redundant responses happen all the time. Can't be helped. Either that, or it seems like not one person responds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smelly Squirrel View Post
    I'm undecided on which was the first stab. I do agree she attacked his back at the sink and maybe down the hall, but I think she could have attacked his back in more than one location, including in the shower.

    Though I also think it's also possible by just using the element of surprise she may have been able to get to his chest even if he were looking.
    Most of the stab wounds in the back were very close together in a tight pattern with the weapon in similar positions/angles for each of the wounds.

    She undoubtedly inflicted these very quickly, "contemporaneous" with each other. They happened in one location and in only a few seconds, while he was stationary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelina Frost View Post
    Good point.

    Seems more palatable for a woman do deliver that stuff, rather than a DA who specializes in sex crimes. Not sure if the jury was able to do any recon on him, but it would seem to exponentially up the creep factor if the jury is listening to Nurmi ask indelicate questions, rather than Wilmott.
    I agree, but after all, Nurmi is the sex expert. Willmott may be uncomfortable with this line of questioning. AND don't forget, this is free advertising for Nurmi in his private practice. "Nurmi Knows Sex"!

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