Since Wednesday was an exam day, seniors were allowed to arrive late at Pennsville Memorial High School, Salem County.

Pennsville Township Police told NBC10ís Chris Cato that the 17-year-old and his friend Manpreet Singh, 18, used the opportunity to get drunk.

The 17-year-old, who wasnít identified because he is a minor, began to act belligerent in class.

"They took him from the classroom and took him to the principal's office," said police Lt. A.J. Cummings.

Sources told Cato that when the boy was confronted with a Breathalyzer test that he went nuts and shoved the principal. He then allegedly burst out the office door, knocking down school nurse Marilyn English.
English broke her hip and remains hospitalized. The minor has three assault charges, disorderly conduct and an alcohol charge. Singh has a charge of supplying alcohol to a minor.